No Man’s Sky Endurance update focuses on fleets and cargo ships

Hello Games doesn’t slow down when it comes to No Man’s Sky. The studio has just released the 20th major update called Endurance. The previous big update was Outlaws, which came out in April. This time the focus is on big things: fleets and cargo ships.

Hello Games has overhauled the cargo ships. First, there is a new bridge with a quick access teleport that will quickly get players to and from the new hangar. You can teleport between capital ships and fleets to repair frigates as well, which is very handy.

You can also quickly assemble a space base with new parts and customizable rooms. You can grow crops in a designated area, or add a podium, viewing platform, or glass corridor to watch the stars. Using the Planetary Probe cargo ship module, you can also remotely detect all celestial bodies in a given solar system. These are definitely nice updates.

Players can hire captains and pilots and can even find engineers, biologists and technicians walking around their cargo ship. There are new effects for black holes and visual improvements for nebulae.

Asteroids are more varied in shape and size, and you can see thousands of them on the screen at once. Some may even have creatures on them. A new expedition called Polestar is about to begin, in which you can cruise the galaxy in your capital ship. Rewards include new base parts, a medusa companion, and a unique cape design. There are also new multiplayer missions.


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