No Man’s Sky: on the occasion of the five years of the game, the Frontiers update is talking about it

Game news No Man’s Sky: on the occasion of the five years of the game, the Frontiers update is talking about it

It’s now been five years since Hello Games officially launched No Man’s Sky. In five years, the teams behind the game have sealed the gaps in a shipwreck that could have turned into drama for the studio. Nonetheless, after relentless monitoring of the game and no less than sixteen updates, the game is finally what it dreams of being. Well, not quite yet.

In an article from PlayStation Blog, Hello Games founder Sean Murray looked back on five years of hard work that have just passed for his teams and whose work has clearly put No Man’s Sky out of the water.

Sean Murray says it himself: the journey started around the follow-up of the game has not been a walk in the park. But, in the difficulty, the support of the players and the community had a real impact on the motivation of the teams and on the quality of the updates which followed one another.

A journey that will soon be marked by a new stage, that of the official launch of the next update, entitled Frontiers, which Sean Murray briefly mentions in a tweet accompanied by a video clip that shows the evolution of the game in the space of five years.

For the founder of Hello Games, some No Man’s Sky updates are of significant importance and stand out from the rest, like Foundations or Beyond, which was a real turning point as well as a new perspective in the future of the game.

Last year, the game launched on the next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X | S consoles to be another step in the No Man’s Sky makeover process. As 2022 quickly approaches, the Hello Games and Sean Murray teams are looking to the future and in particular to Frontiers. An update that also seems to be just as important.

I am very excited about our next update, Frontiers. In a way, it’s just another update, but in another way, it’s a missing piece of sci-fi that we’ve always wanted to add, and very appropriate for our fifth anniversary.

There are still a lot of things we want to try, a lot of things we’re still excited about. The next stop on this journey is not far away. We will have more information on Frontiers to share with travelers very soon. – Sean Murray, founder of the Hello Games studio

As we move closer to 2022, developers are getting more and more impatient to unveil more. With the next conferences coming up, maybe No Man’s Sky will reveal the secrets of its seventeenth update.

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