No Man’s Sky Releases Massive Free 20th Update

Although No Man’s Sky will celebrate its sixth anniversary on August 10, it’s not ready to disappear from the radar just yet.

Undoubtedly, there is an element of pride in all this. Launched in 2016, No Man’s Sky was a big disappointment for not delivering on many of its promises. Promises, one update after another, became a reality. Take a look at this 20th and still free update called Endurance, which brings a long list of new features to space explorers.

Overhaul of fleets and motherships

In addition to some so-called “quality of life” improvements, the bulk of the new features in this update are aimed at making the mothership more enjoyable to live in. New layout options appear, in particular, glazed corridors and various hangar claddings are added. Players can also create teleporters in any room to get around these steel monsters faster.

“Also, you can fill your cargo ship with additional crew members to spice up your mobile base,” adds game director Sean Murray on the PlayStabion blog.

In the full patch notes for this update, Hello Games also announces the addition of new visuals when traveling through black holes, or even the ability to deploy so-called organic fleets in their space army.

Black Hole Travel Gets Even More Impressive©Hi Games

No Man’s Sky more than ever in the news

About unexpected longevity, especially given its chaotic launch, No Man’s Sky has never been talked about so much.

Integrated into Game Pass for several months, Hello Games is also fully compatible with Valve’s Steam Deck. This also promises to be the case with the upcoming PlayStation 5 virtual reality headset, the PSVR2.

No Man’s Sky will also release on the Nintendo Switch on October 7th. A version that is logically technically inferior, but that still needs to tap into the internal power of the console, while the studio could rely on cloud gaming.

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