No Straight Roads invites players to rap contest

Expected this summer, No Straight Roads will take the form of an action and adventure game based on music. For the occasion, Sold Out and Metronomik announce the holding of a competition, which offers players the opportunity to express their rapping talents.

The basis of this Stay Home and Rap challenge, this is the hip-hop version of .vs Yinu, composed by Teddy Corona (Street Lourd, Mafia K’1 Fry) and Karim Mimoun (H9) starting from the music created by Falk Au Yeong. The players have until June 14 to participate by sharing their own vision of the song on social networks, being careful to include #StayHomeAndRap in the publication.

Obviously, to manage to create something, a track is needed, which participants can find right now on Youtube, or download on the site of No Straight Roads. Regarding the reward, it is a PS4 Pro, accompanied by the game and the possibility of seeing its creation broadcast ingame.

No Straight Roads Trailer

No Straight Roads to be released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

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