No Straight Roads: the game of FF XV alumni shows its game modes, diversity at the rendezvous

While the development of No Straight Roads ends on the side of Metronomik (Malaysian studio co-founded by cousins ​​Wan Hazmer and Daim Dziauddin, respectively lead game designer of Final Fantasy XV and concept artist of Street Fighter V) trailer of the game allows us to know a little more about the release date of the game, set to June 30 next on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It is also an opportunity to discover a little more gameplay phases of this adventure game tinged with music where rock (represented by Zuk and Mayday, our two heroes) will have to face the EDM which has taken possession of the city of Vinyl City.

We therefore learn that the game will be playable in cooperation for up to 3 players, a bonus reserved for the Nintendo Switch version which can take advantage of Elliegator, a new character. Moreover, special features have been developed for the Switch, since we can recover objects and transform your instruments via the touch screen of the Nintendo console. This gameplay video also shows that the game will offer a maximum of variety with mini-games that will enhance the adventure that should take us on a journey through colorful levels. Ambitious, No Straight Roads will offer French voices well known to us, since some actors are an integral part of our geek culture. We let you judge for yourself.

The casting of French voices:

– Kelly Marot (Kairi from Kingdom Hearts, Jennifer Lawrence, Dakota Fanning …) in the role of Mayday.
– Donald Reignoux (Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Titeuf, Spiderman, Jesse Eiseinberg, Andrew Garfield …) in the role of Zuke.
– Céline Monsarrat (Bulma in Dragon Ball, Julia Roberts, Lea Thompson …) in the role of Tatiana.
– Anaïs Delva (Elsa in Frozen) in the role of Sayu.
– Patrick Borg (regular voice of David Boreanaz, Goku in Dragon Ball) in an undisclosed role.
– Clyde Rabatel
– Roxane Turmel
– Emmanuel Bonami
– Julien Chièze
– Sora
– Kayane
– Francoise Cadol (Lara Croft and regular voice of Angelina Jolie)
– Eric Legrand (Vegeta in Dragon Ball) as DJ Subatomic
and many others…

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