“No, video games do not make idiots”: Brian Savary, eSportsman, dismantles some

The general public does not yet suspect what eSports could represent in the years to come. In a world that is still in its infancy, the best players of video games like League of Legend or Counter-Strike: GO are real planetary stars. The latest edition of the football game developed by Electronic Arts, FIFA 21, is the second best-selling cultural good in France, behind Animal Crossing, another video game. Brian Savary, former professional player now coach of the French eFoot team, has agreed to become an exclusive columnist for Ouest-France and Prolongation. Today, for this first column, he dismantles the clichés that stick to the skin of gamers.

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Video games are only for pimply teens

“It’s far from being a world made up of teenagers. I know a lot of adults who are 28, 30 and play video games. It is an environment which is becoming more professional. And there are hardly any teenagers, simply because it’s harder to get there when you’re 12, 13 or 14 years old. At that age, they do not have the maturity and patience required. Regarding the “pimply”, believe me, some pro players are very good physically and even do modeling in addition to their activity. “

In the cramped space he has built for himself, Brian Savary exercises his role as coach of the French e-football team. © Ouest-France

Video games make you stupid

“It’s totally wrong to think that. Each game has its specificities. You have to understand the game, know how to use the best techniques to win, anticipate what your opponent is doing… It makes the neurons and the brain work enormously. You can’t be strong being a fool. It’s impossible. Certainly, it is not mathematics, English or history-geography. Perhaps the cliché comes from the fact that some people go to play too much video games and maybe drop out of school next door. “

Video games are only for boys

“There are a lot of boys, but also girls. And especially in the stream, on Twitch. They have the roles of facilitators, commentators too, and obviously players. We’re not going to lie to each other, there are a lot more men. But, in recent years, more and more women have succeeded in breaking through. “

photo on his console, brian savary tests tactics and techniques on the fifa video game that he can reuse in competition. © west-france

On his console, Brian Savary tests tactics and techniques on the Fifa video game that he can reuse in competition. © Ouest-France

Video games make you violent, addict

“I hear that sometimes and find it a nonsense with no name. Of course, there are war games, but we know it’s a game. Obviously, it can happen to get angry, me first. But I never got mad at anyone. If someone is violent because they play, it is because they are basic violent, already in their everyday life. But we can’t blame video games for that.

Regarding addiction, we are not going to lie to each other, it exists. But it’s like drugs, like alcohol. It is a minority. If I take the example of pro players, they tend to shy away from games, to clear the air. On FIFA, many hate the game. Because by dint of playing it over and over again, it causes you to be fed up. They try to get out of it as much as possible. “

The athlete is sedentary

“Again, this is completely wrong. An eSportsman, he travels a lot to participate in competitions, he does photo shoots, interviews… Of course, there is the training part of the game. But personally, I travel a lot more today than before being a professional. eSport made me discover lots of countries, Paris, new people. Video games socialize a lot more than the other way around. “


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