NordVPN: prices plummet ahead of Black Friday 📍

One of the biggest players in the VPN industry, NordVPN is offering ALL of its Black Friday discounted subscriptions, from a classic subscription to a subscription equipped with several other tools, including a password manager, threat protection, and mesh. net.

Do you want to watch the World Cup at a low price, watch Crunchyroll cheaper from a server in Turkey or enjoy Harry Potter movies on Belgian Netflix? You’ve come to the right place: Black Friday week is starting and NordVPN is literally spraying prices on its subscriptions for a few days.

Choose NordVPN!

NordVPN has everything you need to get started with VPN. Whether you’re a casual user or a power user, the service prompts you to unblock content or hide your online activity for added security.

The provider ranks among the fastest VPNs on the market thanks to the NordLynx protocol based on WireGuard and OpenVPN. This gives you a huge selection of servers worldwide: over 5500 in over 80 locations worldwide.

With NordVPN you will be able to unblock all websites and services, whether foreign or French content, if you are abroad, on almost all available platforms such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV, Amazon Prime and Disney+.

NordVPN has apps for iPhone, Android, Windows, macOS (including native support for M1 and M2 Macs), Amazon Fire TV, and more. All apps share the same easy-to-use interface and allow you to swipe the map to select your location or view a list of countries.

NordVPN includes other additional features: Kill Switch (which automatically terminates your Internet access if your VPN connection drops), Dark Web Monitor (which analyzes your data leaks when they occur), etc.

Threat Protection and Mesh Networking: More Than Just a VPN

NordVPN also offers you active malware protection in addition to an ad blocker, a Double VPN option and the latest addition called Meshnet, which makes the package even more attractive.

Threat Protection is a security solution designed to protect against everyday online threats such as malware and trackers. This feature scans your files before downloading them, detects threats and blocks them before they can harm your device.

Once Threat Protection is enabled in your NordVPN app settings, your browsing will be protected even if you are not connected to a VPN server.

On the other hand, Mesh Network allows you to access devices through private encrypted tunnels. Similar to a VPN, except instead of connecting to a VPN server, Mesh Network allows you to directly connect to other devices, wherever they are. the service skillfully uses the NordLynx protocol.

And a password manager!

NordPass, for pennies more, is NordVPN’s built-in password manager that’s easy to use and packed with great features. It not only simplifies the management of encrypted password records, but also securely stores your credit cards and all other banking information for faster and more secure payments on e-commerce platforms.

No matter which NordVPN plan you choose, NordPass detects weak passwords and reuses them to suggest stronger ones. It also acts as a data breach alert by scanning the internet to see if any of your personal information has been exposed.

Enjoy NordVPN at the best price of the year

NordVPN offers you three subscriptions for your online security. Three packages are available with discounts up to 68%. They include additional features that should prove useful to many users.

To summarize, here is what the provider offers:

All the benefits of a NordVPN subscription

  • 30 days to change your mind!
  • Ability to connect up to 6 devices simultaneously to one account
  • First 30 days money back guarantee in addition to 24/7 customer support in French.
  • Very easy to use app available in French for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and Linux.
  • NordLynx protocol for fast execution of 5200 servers available in 60 countries (including one in Marseille!).
  • Ability to bypass media timeline (Disney+ HBO, Netflix, etc.)
  • Possibility to have access to sports events (F1 Championship and MotoGP in Belgium).

👉 Download the NordVPN app for up to 68% off

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