Norman Osborn becomes the Golden Goblin for Marvel’s Dark Web event |

Announced with great fanfare during San Diego Comic Con 2022, the Dark Web event, like any Marvel event, will not be limited to a single miniseries written by Zeb Wells. There will be many tie-ins added to the event, whether they are already published regular series numbers or additional plug-ins, usually published as individual or mini-series. The first of these additions was also announced at SDCC 2022 and will allow the formidable Norman Osborn to use a new alias.

Because green is out of fashion

Many changes will indeed come under the pen of Zeb Wells in the Spider-Man universe. Recently, a preview of Dan Slot’s Spider-Man movie reminded us that Parker will soon be eligible for a new suit designed by Green Goblin Norman Osborn. As for the Dark Web, the latter will also offer a fresh take on a new life – and a new name – Gold Goblin.

At SDCC 2022, Marvel explained that Hogoblin would return (without revealing who would be in the costume) in an arc set from #11 to #13 of The Amazing Spider-Man, with significant implications for Osborn that would explain his change in appearance. Thus, under the guise of the Golden Goblin, the character will get the right to his own mini-series, written by Christopher Cantwell (Namor, Iron Man) and illustrated by Lan Medina. No further details about the title or what this identity change will mean for Norman. The first issue is expected this winter (November or December 2022) and the announcement will be accompanied by a cover. Stylist friends, any feedback on this design?


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