North Korea fires ballistic missile from submarine in latest test: reports

North Korea tested a new ballistic missile from a submarine off the country’s east coast on Saturday (May 7), the military in South Korea said.

The South Korean military detected a ballistic missile launch from a submarine off the coast of the North Korean city of Sinpo at 2:07 pm local time, according to the Yonhap news agency.

The missile flew about 372 miles (600 kilometers) and reached a maximum altitude of 37 miles (60 km), Yonhap added, suggesting that the missile did not reach the edge of space (about 62 miles or 100 km) through which other ballistic missiles fly. . According to the Associated Press, it apparently crashed to Earth in waters outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone.

The launch marks North Korea’s 15th missile test this year and comes just three days after its last test, a ground flight from Sunan, near North Korea’s capital Pyongyang. It also happened just three days before the inauguration of South Korea’s new president-elect, Yoon Seok-yeol.

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US and South Korean intelligence officials are reportedly investigating Saturday’s missile tests as a “serious threatening act that harms international peace and stability” and violates UN Security Council resolutions, AP reported.

“North Korea’s recent series of missile launches constitutes an act of grave threat that undermines peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and the international community, and a clear violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions,” South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement. in Yonhap. “In preparation for the possibility of an additional launch, our military monitors and controls the relevant movements and maintains a state of full readiness.”

In recent months, North Korea has stepped up its missile testing activities, including the first test of a long-range ballistic missile since 2017. This ICBM test took place in March when it reached an altitude of 3,700 miles (6,000 kilometers) and traveled 680 miles (680 miles). 1100 km) from launch pad to splashdown in Japanese waters.

Saturday’s launch from a submarine was the first flight since October 2021 to launch a short-range missile from an 8.24 Yongung submarine, AP reported. Yonhap described the launch as a test of a “mini-SLBM” (ballistic missile launched from a mini-submarine).

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