North. Traffic accident leads to dismantling of the cannabis trade

On Monday, November 21, 2022, four men were prosecuted for “drug dealing”. One of them was arrested and taken into police custody five days earlier in Codri (North) after a traffic accident in which he was involved. reported by Lille Actu on Monday, November 28, 2022. He tested positive for drugs and the gendarmes made an important discovery in the trunk of his car.

Successful search

The 25-year-old young man was indeed transporting 1,157 g of herbal cannabis and 800 g of resin in his car, as detailed by the gendarmes on their Facebook page on Monday, November 28, 2022. Meanwhile, the house of the suspect was searched. allowed to find 100 g of marijuana, precision scales and “a very famous phone among traffickers,” the police wrote on the social network.

Four suspects convicted

Investigators then identified three more suspects. Two were suspected of being customers of a motorist, and the third was a user-dealer, BFMTV points out. At the end of the turnout, the latter spent six months in prison and received a six-month reprieve applicable upon release. Two other people were sentenced to ten months in prison each, six of which were suspended.

The driver of the car will have to serve 28 months in prison, including six months probation. The four defendants were in pre-trial detention between their arrest and trial. On their Facebook page, the Northern Gendarmerie called these confiscations and arrests “a good thing.”


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