Norton 360 antivirus wants to enable cryptocurrency mining

NortonLifeLock, the company behind the Norton 360 antivirus, announced that it wants to allow users to mine a cryptocurrency: Ethereum. This feature is currently being tested on a sample of volunteers, so a number of questions arise.

New feature coming soon to everyone

Bitcoin-led cryptocurrencies leave no one indifferent. While some people do well by posting huge profitThere are many criticisms of their current and future impact on the environment and society. And yet this did not stop the antivirus manufacturers Norton 360 from offering new feature to their clients. Through the platform, there is talk of mining Ethereum, the second most popular cryptocurrency to emerge in 2015.

In a press release dated June 2, 2021, the company explains that a group of volunteers are currently testing a feature known as Norton Crypto. First of all, this means that this same functionality will be open to all Norton 360 users in the coming weeks.

Credit: Norton

Norton continues his project despite several black spots

“Crypto continues to become an increasingly important part of our clients’ lives (…). With Norton Crypto, our customers can mine cryptocurrency with just a few clicks, thereby avoiding many of the barriers to entry into the cryptocurrency ecosystem. “– explains the company in its press release.

As such, Norton doesn’t want to let this new trend slip by. In addition, cryptocurrencies obtained from mining will complete their race at Norton Crypto Walle, a wallet available on new cloud platform a society about which we know very little.

However, remember that cryptocurrency mining has its limits. It turns out that mobilizing the computing power of your computer to participate in the work of the blockchain requires a lot of energy and accelerates the end of life of the equipment. Among the most vulnerable components are the processors responsible for computing: GPUs. However, cryptocurrency mining contributes to GPU shortagewhose holdings are traded for gold.

Other issues and gray areas

This news surprises and asks questions. It must be said that when we talk about cryptocurrency mining on cybersecurity platforms, this is often bad news. Really, mining software (cryptominers) are a type of malware that is present at different levels in terms of cybercrime. They can be found, for example, in universities or in supercomputers. However, their mission is far from mining. IN forcing third-party machines to mine on their own behalf, hackers avoid paying for necessary equipment or electricity.

Either way, Norton said they want to establish a framework to make it a safe practice. However, some gray areas remain, including the potential impact of mining on computer performance. However, these effects may relate to expense / income ratio… The company still mentions the need to have a certain type of mining hardware, but unfortunately does not provide more details.

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