Norton 360 can now mine Ethereum on any PC

Now for Ethereum mining, a simple antivirus is enough. Norton 360 has a new feature for this effect. The developers are not entirely clear about how exactly it works, but it allows you to accumulate cryptocurrency on a virtual wallet.

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Ethereum’s popularity has skyrocketed recently, at the same time increasing its value… The craze is such that experts no longer doubt that cryptocurrency is doomed to overtake Bitcoin one day. It doesn’t seem so unlikely, both mining is getting more and more for the general public… Even if the results are necessarily less than with huge farms, a laptop is enough to generate Ethereum.

In addition, many malware that boasts the power of cheap to mine cryptocurrency, appeared on the network in search of gullible individuals. This is a real risk to their security, as these applications can contain a lot of malware. Therefore, Norton decided to step in by integrating mining function in the 360 ​​version of its antivirus… Now more than ever, anyone can access Ethereum.

Antivirus for Ethereum mining

This is for theory. Called Norton Crypto, this feature allows you to mine Ethereum from any PC equipped with antivirus… To do this, the application will connect to GPU resources to generate cryptocurrency, which will then be stored in a virtual wallet in the cloud.

“As cryptoeconomics continues to take on an increasingly important place in our customers’ lives, we want to enable them to mine cryptocurrency with Norton, the brand they trust.”said Vincent Pilet, CEO of NortonLifeLock. “Norton Crypto is another innovative example of how we are expanding our cybersecurity platform to protect our customers’ ever-changing digital lives. “

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However, we must not lose sight of the fact thaton a lambda laptop, the state will not work instantly. Norton also remains quite reticent about the tool. Norton Crypto can use combined PC power of multiple users scratch a little Ethereum. In this case, the company may reserve the right earn a commission by the generated value.

Source: Bleeping Computer

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