Notable Improvements for Windows 10, Lidl Electric Car, Wrap-Up of the Week

Update 19044.1862 improves IOPS performance, Elaris Finn is now available in Germany, research shows that piracy limits the country’s poverty, this is the week’s summary.

Microsoft released a new Windows 10 update this week and Lidl has started selling its new Elaris Finn electric car in Germany. While an electric scooter user was spotted on the highway at over 100 km/h, SACEM claims copyright with Airbnb homeowners and research shows piracy could lift the country out of poverty.

Elaris Finn is now available in Germany

Made in China and sold there since 2019, the Elaris Finn has been on sale in Germany for a few days now. Lidl continues to try to develop its electric vehicle segment and the first model of the German giant is very reminiscent of the Smart, which is light and can reach speeds of up to 115 km / h. A monthly “Like2Drive” subscription costs 222 euros, but you can also buy a car worth 20,330 euros.

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110 km/h on an electric scooter on the track

It was on Reddit that a video was published in which a young woman is driving along a highway at a speed of more than 110 km / h. The video was recorded by the driver of the car behind her, thus proving the excessive speed with which the scooter was traveling. In addition to the helmet, we see that the woman driving the small car is not wearing any protective equipment and is therefore taking a big risk.

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Microsoft is improving Windows 10

On Tuesday, July 19, Microsoft released a new update to Windows 10, available only to insiders for now. Build 19044.1862 improves IOPS performance and therefore increases HDD and SSD capacity. With this new update, Redmond also fixes many issues.

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SACEM takes over Airbnb landlords

If you have an apartment that you rent on Airbnb, this news should be of interest to you. Indeed, SACEM has decided to require a royalty from landlords if they own a TV, radio or CD player in a rental unit. SACEM has offered a flat rate of €198 per year and is threatening landlords with a €300,000 fine if they refuse to pay royalties. However, you do not need to pay if you do not have a satellite dish.

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Research reveals benefits of hacking

The Balkan Journal of Social Sciences shared the results of a study conducted to understand the possible connection between piracy and the country’s economy as a whole. For example, while analyzing the impact of piracy in Latin America, researchers have found that piracy may eventually lift some populations out of poverty. By cracking software such as Office or Adobe packages, residents are educated and thus can gain skills.

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Our tests of the day

2/5 for Intel Arc 380 graphics card

In addition to decent 1080p performance and an attractive price point, the Intel Arc 380 is far from up to par and will be hard to beat, like the RX 6400. and makes a very annoying shrill noise. Intel can’t convince us of this Arc 380.

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Realme GT Neo 3T: better and worse than its predecessor

Are you looking for a gaming smartphone at a low price, Realme is back with an interesting product with the GT Neo 3T. We like its power, improved screen colorimetry compared to the GT Neo 2, its excellent economy or platform stability, and good temperature control. However, we regret that photo quality has been downgraded from GT Neo 2 and we note that charging is slower between 80% and 100%.

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Pleasantly surprised Nissan Ariya.

The Ariya is Nissan’s first electric crossover, and overall this car won us over. In addition to the inappropriate ergonomics of the driver’s seat and the too loud driving assistance system, Nissan offers a quality car with a unique design. We appreciate its controlled consumption and the fact that the Ariya can charge up to 22 kW with AC chargers and up to 130 kW with DC. We note that the presence of a video mode in the central mirror seemed unnecessary to us and that the classic mirror mode remains our favorite.

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