Nothing Phone 1 will be available in the US

The new Nothing Phone 1 will be launched next month, we recently saw the phone in action in a new video.

We now have more details on the phone, it looks like the device won’t launch in the US, it will only be available in the UK and Europe.

This was recently confirmed for PC Mag by Nothing, you can see the company’s official launch statement below.

“While we would like to bring the (1) phone to the entire community around the world, we have focused on domestic markets, including the UK and Europe, where we have strong partnerships with leading local carriers. As you know, launching a smartphone requires a lot, from getting the phone supported by the country’s cellular technology, to partnering with carriers and local regulations, and since we’re still a young brand, we need to be strategic about it.”

Nothing has shown that they plan to release the smartphone in the US in the future, so we may see another device from them for the US market.

We have big plans to launch a USenabled smartphone in the future. For now, a limited number of our US private investors will be able to get their hands on the phone (1) through the closed beta program. In the meantime, if readers really want the phone (1) to be available in the US as soon as possible, they should call their carrier and let us know.”

The official announcement of Nothing Phone 1 will take place on July 12, and we look forward to learning more details about the phone.

Source PC Log

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