Novak Djokovic remembers the time he wore the mask of Darth Vader

During a recent interview with the Tennis Channel, Novak Djokovic called his appearance on the court in Paris in 2012 wearing a Darth Vader mask crazy. “Oh, that was me when I was young and crazy,” Djokovic told the Tennis Channel.

Unfortunately for himself, Novak Djokovic lost the match he started wearing a mask against Sam Querrey.

When Djokovic imitated Sharapova.

Novak Djokovic has had many funny moments on the court during his years on the ATP Tour.

Some of the funniest have seen him impersonate Maria Sharapova in a blonde wig. In a 2018 interview, Novak Djokovic praised Maria Sharapova as a tennis player and as a person.

“She’s a great champion,” Djokovic said of Sharapova. “He is someone who works hard, is dedicated to tennis and has been doing it for many years.

I’ve even trained with her a few times so I know how committed she is to training hard and she trains like she’s playing an official game.

You can see his concentration. That’s why she’s been at the top of women’s tennis for so long. She has a champion mindset. On the other hand, off the court she is a different person than on the court.

I think people have the wrong idea because they see her so serious and so focused, she doesn’t have that many ups and downs of concentration while playing.” “She doesn’t show her personality that much during official matches.

Off the court she is very smart. She is a very sweet girl. Yes, I have known her for many years too.” Asked how a player can become stronger psychologically, Djokovic replied: “I think over time, playing a lot of matches on the big stage, playing close matches that are decided in a few points. with a high level, big and strong players.

We try our best. We are trying to gain experience so that we can use it in the future.”

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