Novaxia R and Novaxia VISTA integrate blockchain with IZNES innovative solution.

IZNES, a marketplace powered by blockchain technology.

The IZNES solution allows Novaxia Investissement to view subscription and redemption orders in real time, offering its institutional clients a way to invest from their order book in a fully digitized, secure and consistent way thanks to the blockchain. With IZNES, Novaxia Investissement provides its insurance clients with a solution that meets their pooled asset needs.

“Novaxia Investissement is a leading player in property management. Referring to their offer for institutional investors enriches the range already available on IZNES and confirms the decision of the market. We are very pleased to work with Novaxia Investissement and we are very pleased with the quality of our partnerships. ” comments Christophe Lepitre, CEO of IZNES.

Novaxia VISTA and Novaxia R available now

Novaxia Investissement offers its institutional investor clients a simplified and streamlined user journey through IZNES for unit related products. The Novaxia VISTA and Novaxia R funds designated SRI are now available on the market for all subscription or redemption transactions. Generali, who refers to these two funds in life insurance, works through IZNES, of which he has been a shareholder since the end of 2020.

“Working hand in hand with our partners is fundamental to the performance of our funds. Just as we launched our last two funds advising insurers, we wanted to continue this collaborative approach with IZNES. Our funds are growing rapidly and have strong inflows, IZNES allows Novaxia Investissement to provide this development. With this solution, we make life easier for our institutional clients. They can have automated, real-time access to all the data they need for Novaxia R and Novaxia VISTA, our two combined life insurance companies. explains Mathilde Krieger, managing director of Novaxia Investissement.

“Using IZNES brings great benefits in our daily lives. The use of blockchain allows us to digitize the subscription process for this type of fund from start to finish and saves us time and security in addition to significant savings. We are partners with Novaxia Investissement and have supported them since the launch of Novaxia R and Novaxia VISTA funds. Today we are excited about their integration into the platform! “Remy Quinat, director of divisional assets at Generali France and board member of IZNES, abounds.

The costs associated with this solution are not passed on to the end customer-investor.

Investing involves risk, including the risk of losing capital and cash. For more information about the risks and warnings associated with investing in Novaxia R devices, please contact your insurers.

About Novaxia Investment:
Novaxia Investissement, a company with a mission, is a management company approved by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers in 2014 and manages over one billion assets on behalf of private and institutional clients.
It distributes its offer through partners, wealth management advisors, private bankers, mutuals and insurance companies.
It manages 4 public real estate funds on the theme of urban recycling* (*capitalize an existing asset that is obsolete or not suitable for the environment in order to give it a second life) funds in article 9 within the meaning of the SFDR provision and are designated as SRI. :
• Novaxia R, the first accounting unit for residential and responsible urban real estate, available in life insurance and pension savings plans (ISR and Finansol labels).
• Novaxia VISTA, the first real estate unit designed for a “better life” through life sciences and future technologies, will soon be available in Life Insurance and Retirement Savings (SRI Label).
• Novaxia NEO, innovative and sustainable SCPI with urban recycling (SRI label)
• Novaxia ONE, Proceeds Recycling Fund, Urban Recycling Pioneer (SRI Label).
Novaxia Investissement, a simplified joint stock company with a share capital of €1,700,000 / RCS Paris 802 346 551 – Portfolio management company approved by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers under GP number 14000022 of 07/08/2014 / Head office: 45, rue Saint-Charles – 75015 Paris.

IZNES is a trading platform that directly connects institutional investors and management companies in a short way. IZNES offers a solution that allows institutional investors to subscribe to or redeem fund units directly from the fund registry thanks to Blockchain technology, which not only guarantees ownership, security and traceability of transactions and positions, but also the exchange of reference data. IZNES opens a direct exchange channel without intermediaries between the Institutional Investor and the Management Companies.
IZNES is a regulated investment company approved by the AMF and ACPR and approved in Luxembourg and Ireland.

About Generali France
Generali France is today one of the main insurers and asset managers in France with a turnover of 15.5 billion euros in 2021 and offers its 7.8 million individual and professional clients and businesses a full range of insurance solutions (health, personal protection, assistance, property and responsibility), property conservation and asset management.
Founded in France since 1832, Generali France relies on the know-how and experience of its 9,000 employees, general agents and agency staff, as well as its network of brokers and intermediaries. His vision: to be a lifelong partner of his customers and distributors.
As a committed company, Generali France puts sustainability at the center of its strategy, aiming to be an insurer, investor, employer and responsible participant, notably through its Human Safety Net foundation.

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