Now it is possible to play with emulators on Xbox Series S / X

One of the main elements of the September update for the Xbox series, available since last week, is the massive revision of the console version of the Edge browser. This allowed for new possibilities like the launch of Stadia, Discord, and even Steam. But now it is also possible to play with emulators thanks to it.

The community had discovered some time ago that it was easy to switch the Xbox to Developer mode to play with emulators, a manipulation that not everyone wanted to do. A now greatly simplified and less attractive maneuver by taking advantage of these same emulators when switching to the new browser.

This was shared by Modern Vintage Gamer, who explains that all you have to do is find a page that runs the emulators in JavaScript and you can enjoy your favorite 8-bit and 16-bit classics, but also the ones from PlayStation, Nintendo 64 as well. . like other platforms.

As you know, the use of emulators is a gray zone and even illegal. So do not be encouraged to buy pirated games, the purpose of this news is only to inform you about the possibilities discovered with the new Microsoft update.

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