Now you can buy goods in Instagram messengers

Instagram is launching a new feature to promote e-commerce on the social network. Since July 18, 2022, it has become possible to make purchases directly from the posts of the social network for sharing photos. During a discussion with a small partner business, there is an opportunity to ask questions, make purchases and follow the order from the chat.

Using MetaPay

All you have to do is tell the brand what product you want, perhaps personalize that product, and then checkout. All straight from the Instagram messaging service. In the same chat, sellers will be able to confirm the order, create payment requests and collect payment. To make a purchase, you must logically go through Meta Pay, the group’s internal payment solution: a message is displayed with the ordered product and its price.

Meta Pay is the new name for Facebook Pay, a common payment system for all apps launched by the group in late 2019. Meta guarantees that a billion people each week send a message to the company across all of its apps, whether it’s to chat with a brand, ask for help, or just chat with a seller.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company aims to promote e-commerce on its social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Regularly Meta integrates new features in this direction. The idea is to monetize the services offered through its almost monopoly presence in online advertising and social interaction tools.

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