Now you can try Files v2: UWP, suitable for Windows 11 and with tabs

Many of you surely know the name of Files. It is an application UWP which, as the name suggests, seeks to replace Windows File Explorer in everyday use by offering additional features such as tabs and a more daring design. We have been testing this second version for a few weeks and it is now available to the public in beta.

Files v2 is a revolution compared to the first version of the application. Count with a new logo, is much faster and uses the lines of window arrangement 11. It even incorporates the new Mica Material effect!

Main new features of Files v2

Clear theme from v2 files

This app will show a big Change log when it will be updated but we will highlight the most interesting:

  • The context menu of objects has been replaced by a flyout menu in the form of a command bar.
  • Improved folder enumeration speed.
  • Ability to drag files without having to select them first.
  • Added advanced options to resolve conflicts when transferring files.
  • Added support for grouping folder contents.
  • Added dialog for extracting files.
  • New option to hide / show sections in sidebar.
  • Added support for undoing a file operation.
  • Improved speed and reliability of file operations.
  • New logo adapted to the modern Fluent design lines of Windows 11.

How to test it?

The final version of Files v2 will be released in a few weeks. Until then, you can sign up by filling out this form to test the preview and help the developers with your feedback.

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