NSA spying on Angela Merkel the little mermaid would have helped

The affair had caused a great stir at the time. The United States had spied on politicians in Europe, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, from 2012 to 2014. A group of journalists now reports that the Danish intelligence services have lent a hand to the Americans to do this.

Concretely, the National Security Agency (NSA) was able to connect to Danish telecommunications cables. The NSA was able to access text messages, phone calls and internet traffic, including searches, chats and messaging services. An action carried out in collaboration with the Danish military intelligence services FE. This made it possible to spy on politicians and senior officials in Germany, Sweden and Norway. And in France.

The NSA spying was reported in an internal FE report codenamed “Operation Dunhammer” and presented to FE management in May 2015. Danish Defense Minister Trine Bramsen, who was appointed in June 2019, was informed of the case in August 2020, according to Danish media.

Consequences of the Snowden affair

Following this discovery, the German government had restructured its communications system and decided not to renew its contract with the American operator Verizon. The US operator provided the network infrastructure for inter-ministerial communications between Berlin and Bonn in the 2010s.

This spy case took place during and after the Snowden affair, in 2013. NSA employee turned whistleblower, Edward Snowden then revealed the existence of a global surveillance system for communications and the Internet targeting the Germans in particular and the Chancellor’s cell phone in particular.

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