Number 39, two in one – IT

You are holding a new two-in-one magazine in your hands. On the tail side of Digital Solutions, on the opposite side of Cybersecurity Solutions. Or vice versa.
Only one hundred pages, most of which are devoted to cybersecurity, a topic that is so relevant today in a time of multiple IP intrusions, theft of corporate or personal data, document fraud and all sorts of atrocities. For its part, the Digital Solutions you already know is donning its annual trophies for this 39th edition.

Innovation Trophies

Already 7 edition! And the Digital Transformation Trophies, known for the Innovation and Digital Transformation Trophies. Another word is “innovation”, which shows that even if French organizations have not completed the digital transformation of their applications, flows or infrastructures, they now know how to create wealth with technology. For example, in health. A good example of this is Inria with its digital liver twin, which paves the way for a better consideration of each person before surgery and therefore the success of the latter. Renault stands out for its industrial metaverse, a replica of its factories and physical supply chains. It promises quality, speed, anticipation, prevention, internal flexibility and new customer services. Carrefour is embarking on Web 3 testing virtual marketplaces, NFTs, cryptocurrencies to improve their brand image, hire or sell differently. New codes and levers in search of good use cases for rethinking commerce, industry and healthcare.

Test and learn!

Giulietta Paoli, editor-in-chief

Dossier published in Digital Solutions N°39

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