Octopus suckers in the palm of your hand

Inspired by the suckers of octopuses, a team of researchers have developed a glove that allows you to gently lift and carry objects underwater! This neoprene glove has a suction cup at the end of each finger to stick to the most slippery objects like metal or foam surfaces. You will tell me: okay, this is cool, but how can it be useful?

As you know, our body is not really designed to dive underwater. Using oxygen tanks, marking the stages to withstand the pressure, all this is not new. But between the ocean floor we explore, the bridges we build, rescue missions, and so on, adapting our bodies and our abilities is a must! These gloves will provide a better grip, for example in case of underwater movement or even archaeological excavations, it will allow you to carry fragile items with more delicacy!

Who knows, maybe even this innovation will fall into the hands of the general public, in the context of tourist diving?

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