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Google adds new capabilities to its Smart Displays, these connected screens which find a place in the living room or in the kitchen. They now offer games !

Google Assistant, you can already play games based on the interactions of voice. The search engine integrates this feature in its Smart Displays such as the Nest Hub Max ! Since these devices come with screens, Google has put the packet on the graphics and visuals to make the games the most attractive possible. And you can play it with the voice and the fingers.

The great classics are there

Among the games available now (at least on the american version of the platform), users who want to kill time will be able to start a” Draw is won “. Of course, this is to guess as quickly as possible what appears on the screen. An adaptation of” Jeopardy “the quiz the united states, is also part of the experience, as a version of” Who wants to be a millionaire “(but without the millions…).

A game of Trivia is also available, that can be practiced alone or with the family, with questions on history, sport, art, entertainment, geography, or science. Several games based on words are also offered for all tastes, there’s even a crossword puzzle. Lovers Room Escape will also be served with the well-named” Escape the Room “!

To launch a game, just ask the Wizard integrated in the Smart Display, or say,” Hey Google, let’s play a game “. However, there may be differences in the catalog between versions the american and the French. Google promises to continue to work with publishers to adapt and optimize their family games the most popular to this platform, which could gain more followers if the manufacturer continues to enrich the kind.


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