Offers: 4in1 wireless charging station, 28% off

If you’re looking for a charger for all your gadgets, we’ve got a great deal on a 4in1 wireless charging station at Geeky Gadgets Deals this week.

The 4in1 Wireless Charging Station is available at Geeky Gadgets Deals for just $35.99, it usually sells for $49.99.

Charge all your personal devices in one convenient place with this 4in1 wireless charging station. Charge your phone, tablet, smartwatch and headphones wirelessly on one of the charging surfaces. Smartphones using fast charging are supported and the extra large charging surface allows you to place your phone horizontally on top of this charger. The dynamic LED indicator on the base glows, clearly indicating that the devices are charging.

  • Intelligent thermal protection technology. Provides temperature control, short circuit prevention and more
  • Ultra fast. Provides the best and fastest charging for your devices
  • Space saving. Provides a safe place to charge your devices on your desktop.
  • Charger 4in1. Supports your phone, tablet, smart watch and airfields
  • Led indicator. A soft LED indicator indicates when your phone is properly aligned on the pad and is charging.


  • White color
  • Materials: ABS, PC
  • Dimensions: 1.3″H x 6.9″D x 3.3″W
  • Weight: 6.3 pounds
  • Input: 9V/34A
  • exit
    • C1: 5V3A
    • A1: 5V3A
    • A2: 5V3A
    • General output: 5V3A
  • Mobile phone output: 5W7.5W10W15W
  • Light Color: Multicolor
  • Transmission Distance: 26mm
  • Charging efficiency: 75%
  • Operating frequency: 100205KHz


  • 4in1 Wireless Charging Station (White)
  • Charging cable
  • loading station
  • User’s manual

You can learn more about this 4in1 wireless charging station great deal on our offer store at the link below.

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