Offers: AirUnleashed 2 Qicompatible wireless charging mat, 40% off

If you are looking for a wireless charging mat, we have a great AirUnleashed 2 Qi compatible wireless charging mat at Geeky Gadgets Deals.

The AirUnleashed 2 QiCompatible Wireless Charging Mat is available in our Deals Store for just $59, a 40% savings off the regular price.

AirUnleashed is a wireless charging mat that simultaneously charges your favorite Apple devices; iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. This mat uses three charging coils side by side and therefore there is no problem using a lot of overlapping coils. AirUnleashed works with Qienabled devices and can charge at up to 80% conversion rate. AirUnleashed is lightweight and allows you to lay it flat or attach it to a wall or desktop so it doesn’t take up much space.

  • 3in1. Charges your iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch at the same time
  • Two “+” icons. Lets you know where to place your ‌iPhone‌ and AirPods.
  • Space saving. This device will not take up much space on your desk.
  • Convenient for the occasion. Charging through any type of phone case
  • Aesthetic design. Gives you a beautiful minimalist look that will blend in on your desk

Load Requirements

  • Use a QC 2.0 USB wall charger or later with an output current of at least 2A @ 5V (10W).
  • Use an iPad adapter or any other third party charger with a 2A charging port.

You can purchase the Qicompatible AirUnleashed 2 Wireless Charging Mat from the Geeky Gadgets Deals at the link below.

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