Offers: LED bedside lamp with wireless charger, 60% off

We have a great deal for our readers on the LED Bedside Lamp with Wireless Charger in the Geeky Gadgets Deals this week.

The LED Bedside Lamp with Wireless Charger is available at the Geeky Gadgets Deal for just $31.99, 60% off the regular price.

This LED bedside lamp is a great addition to any modern bedroom. It’s a great source of light in the evening or during a power outage, and its foldout legs make it easy to change the angle. The light can be controlled with one touch and there are three modes: slow, medium and high beam. The lamp also comes with a Qi charger so you don’t have to worry about charging wires getting in the way – just put your phone on the stand and let it charge!

  • Fast wireless charging. Provides fast wireless charging for all your QI devices
  • Folding. Built with a flexible arm, the table lamp can be adjusted to any preferred angle
  • One touch function. Turn on/off the light and change the brightness level with one touch
  • 3 lighting options. Low, medium and high modes to suit all your lighting needs
  • IQ compatible. Compatible with most smartphones currently on the market

You can learn more about this great wireless charger led bedside lamp deal in our deal store at the link below.

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