Offers: uTalk Language Learning Lifetime Subscription (150+ Languages), 87% off

This week we have a great offer for a lifetime subscription to uTalk language learning in the Geeky Gadgets Deals store.

The uTalk Language Learning Lifetime Subscription is available from Geeky Gadgets Deals for just $89, 87% off the regular price.

uTalk will help you start speaking like a native speaker in minutes. Using the uTalk learning app, you can listen to real native speakers to help you navigate your next vacation or business trip. We all learned a language as children, so do you think we would know how to learn it as an adult? But at some point – maybe because of all the other information we’ve been stuffing into our brains since then – we forgot about this trick. One thing is certain: our childhood language learning abilities did not depend on the repetition of verbs and conjugations. And it didn’t depend on the use of voice recognition technology, with our own ears doing the work.

So learning a language with uTalk is child’s play for obvious reasons. With over 2500 words and phrases to learn in each of our 150+ languages, the app gives you a quick start on your journey to fluency. Simple and easy to use, you enjoy developing your language skills in a natural way, just like you did with your native language. Every word you hear in the app is spoken by real native speakers, so you’re constantly immersed in your new language. And, because uTalk reflects how we all learn best as children, it allows you to learn what you want, when you want, so you can progress at your own pace. Sometimes, even in this age of screens and technology, we could all learn the way Mother Nature intended.

You can learn more about this great offer in the uTalk Language Learning Lifetime subscription.

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