Official launch of BioLite BaseCharge 600 and 1500 power plants

Specializing in camping equipment, lighting and portable power, BioliIte this week introduced two new portable power stations to its range, the BaseCharge 600 and BaseCharge 1500. The new BioLite power stations are easy to use and ideal for both novice users and seasoned camping enthusiasts. who are looking for a powerful offline solution.

The front panel interface is intuitive, easy to understand and features plugandplay AC/DC port systems for easy charging, while the visual dashboard has been designed to “demystify energy use for all consumers,” says BioLite. Provide instant calculations of input/output power, battery life and time to full or full discharge. “Getting rid of the guesswork of ‘how long can this run on my X?’ and the most accurate reading of multiple devices connected at the same time.”

Features of BioLight

Together with an energy odometer in the form of a resettable measuring tool that informs customers of their energy consumption so they can track habits and behaviors over certain periods of time or activities. BioLite’s 12point safety check system prevents circuit overload and keeps your devices (laptops, TVs, mobile phones) safe if you plug in too many devices.

BioLite BaseCharge Portable Power Stations

“Homemade energy that goes anywhere and powers just about everything, with no learning curve. Always know how much power you’re using and how much time you have left, with a dashboard that updates instantly whenever something is connected. Put down the instruction manual and get notifications displayed in simple language. Track and plan your next trip, project or emergency.”

“Charge your BaseCharge power station from a wall outlet, car, or with the new ultraportable SolarPanel 100 (sold separately). It is so simple. Plug in multiple solar panels in seconds to fully charge your battery in just 3.5 hours and travel even further from the grid. Unlike other portable power stations, the BaseCharge series supports wireless charging. Just put your phone on top.”

Source: BioLight

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