Oise: Arrested near a point of sale with 2,500 euros worth of underwear and hashish, a suitcase seller pleads in good faith

On September 15, when the police knocked on the window and opened the window of his car, the smell of cannabis came out. On the back shelf and in your trunk: two boxes of packaging bags with stickers with the cannabis leaf patterns. Then, during the search, 2,500 euros in 20 bills were found in his underwear, as well as a piece of resin and a stamp on his cigarette pack.

All these elements led the Compiègne police officers to arrest Walid B., 34, a resident of La Courneuve (Seine-Saint-Denis). The latter, moreover, leaving a well-known point of sale in Clos-des-Roses after having spoken with lookouts. “A bad combination of circumstances”, ironically this Monday Marion Luna, deputy prosecutor, during the hearing.

Similar bags used in the same place for drug trafficking

The defendant tried to answer point by point, notifying, for example, that he was the head of his own company, King Pochon, created in June, whose specialty is the resale of food and non-food packaging. Its particularity? He makes the delivery himself and will present the samples to his customers, he explains. Hookah bars, for the most part, which pack tobacco in small quantities. According to him, when he was arrested, he was returning from a meeting in Place Charpentier and had taken some merchandise.

“Black bags found in heroin, crack and cocaine containers, but also transparent bags with green trim for cannabis. And stickers with Bart Simpson smoking a joint, cannabis leaves or even inscriptions like Coffee-shop quality ”, listed the president of the audience, Xavier Lacasa. “We found similar bags in a recent drug trafficking proceeding that took place in Square Charpentier, precisely. “He points out.

Money in underwear? “I was scared, I didn’t want them to be stolen from me”

King Pochon’s leader responds point by point. If you recognize that the bags are yours, the “explicit” stickers do not. “It was a client who gave them to me so I could see what the competition is doing,” he tried. The cash hidden on him was a precaution. “I was coming back from a client in ’91. He paid me in cash. I put it on in my boxer shorts when I passed the tollbooth. I was scared, I didn’t want them to be stolen from me. “Walid, hammers it:” Yes, “he sells little bags, but he is not responsible for what his customers do with them.

On his cell phone, before he locks it in front of the police, officials find videos of various cannabis breads with these stickers on them. “I smoke a lot. We had bought in bulk with a friend. And if I refused to let investigators look at my cell phone, it was to protect my girlfriend. We take photos together. “

“Sell over-the-counter products! “

This obstacle to the investigation was frowned upon by the prosecutor, sure that the defendant wanted to hide evidence of his participation in a “criminal association”. “You are at the beginning of the chain. They allow drugs to be packaged, ”said the prosecutor.

“Sell over-the-counter products! Next to my office, we sell bongs (Editor’s note: water pipes) and this is not prohibited. We gave you these stickers and again we found them on the Internet. It is legal, declared his lawyer, Me Chloé Arnoux, who came from Seine-Saint-Denis. There is no evidence that their clients are involved in trafficking. These are shisha bars. And I imagine that all the inhabitants of Square Charpentier are not dealers! Honest people live there. You can go there for something other than stupid. “Released from the criminal association and money laundering, Walid B. was sentenced for drug use to 5 months of conditional prison and a fine of 600 euros.

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