Okta further strengthens its password-less identification options

Okta has just released a new software development kit, as well as a new application programming interface. These should allow developers to create biometric signatures and push notifications. These two launches come as Okta seeks to strengthen its capabilities in the area of ​​passwordless identification and thereby strengthen its security options.

With the Okta SDK and API, developers can build mobile apps with branded push notifications and biometric data like Face ID to authenticate users. According to Okta, security and authentication services need to consider workflows and mobile technologies first.

Okta relies on its Okta Devices Platform service to do the following:

  • integrate Okta Verify technology with push and biometrics in mobile applications;
  • develop branded omnichannel multifactor authentication with personalized messages and action buttons;
  • deploy more layers of protection in high-risk access attempts;
  • allow end users to view and manage their registered Okta devices, including self-service options in the event of a lost or stolen device.

The Okta Devices SDK will be available for iOS and Android in early Q1 2021. In addition, Okta showcased a partnership with Salesforce to integrate identity services into the suite.

Okta has also updated its Okta Advanced Server Access to integrate with code-free automation through Okta Workflows and third-party vendors to extend it. These enhancements are intended to evolve the cloud-based identity infrastructure. With Okta Advanced Server Access, DevOps teams can deliver resources in public clouds while maintaining identity and access policy consistency, enforcing role-based access controls, and adhering to requirements. of compliance.

Source: .com

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