OM: Meet Toyfilu Mawlida at the Salon of Legends this Thursday!

New meeting on the issue Fokean Fair of legendspresented by Stephane Brengier as well as Marjorie Fabre: this Thursday at 12 o’clock live, meet our guest Toyfilu Mawlida !

After Mamadou Niang (watch a replay of the first performance with Niang by clicking here), Eric Di Meco, Adil Rami, Pascal Olmeta, Jean-Pierre Papin, Manu Amoros, Bruno Germain as well as Jean-Christophe Marquet former Olympian Toyfilu Mawlida will be at the Phocéen plateau to answer all questions.

Feel free to follow the show on Fockeysky and ask your questions through Phocéen’s Twitch Channel !

Fair of Legends is organized in partnership with Cryptocurrency Specialist SaTT and Airo2 Santé.

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