On Amazon Prime Video, American Gods is our Thursday series tip

Yes, Netflix is ​​arguably the most iconic SVoD platform, but it’s not the only one. Prime Video also has a number of great shows showing.

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American gods is part of. Surprising, rhythmic and fantastic, the series deserves to be seen on the service of streaming from Amazon. Let us detail together its qualities and particularities.

Why watch American Gods on Prime Video tonight?

The series in summary

Adapted from novels by Neil Gaiman, American gods tells the story of Shadow, a convict who has just lost his wife and his best friend. He becomes Voyageur’s bodyguard, a mysterious character, who will introduce him to the old gods, reconverted and lurking in the shadows while awaiting their time, that of the resumption of power …

Our opinion

This series will not appeal to everyone. Resolutely dark, confusing, sometimes violent and even quite disturbing, a real plunge into the twists and turns of mythology, American gods is not the show the most accessible of the moment.

But if you want a daring, original proposal, and you have a more or less pronounced attraction for the atypical universe of the sacred monster of fantastic literature that is Neil Gaiman (co-author of Good omens), American gods is for you.

The author is also himself involved in the script of the series adapted from his book. The great strength ofAmerican gods, it is its realization and its atmosphere (from its very good prologue anchored in the Viking world).

Here, the fantastic is used to infiltrate the reality of our current society, and explore its nooks and crannies, especially those of consumerism and globalization. Moreover, she espouses these drifts, by staging the madness of the meeting between two worlds never intended to face each other.

The result is as surprising as it is terrifying. American gods is a long-lasting experience (each episode is an hour long) from which we do not come out unscathed, a viewing to which we must cling, but which is unlike any other.

  • Here’s the trailer for the first season:

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