On Disney + and Netflix, 3 great movies and series to watch or re-watch on Friday –

To end the week on a high note, you could enjoy one of the many movies or series available on Netflix or Disney +. Problem, you don’t really know where to turn. The offer of SVoD services is very dense, sometimes almost too much, and it is not always easy to choose.

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To help you, CNET regularly recommends viewed and liked content in the catalog of both streaming platforms. This time, Taram and the Magic Cauldron, Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond and Prince of dragons are the recommended programs on Friday evening.

What movies and series to watch tonight on Disney + and Netflix?

A nice animated series: Prince of Dragons (Netflix)


In Xadia’s world, magic reigns supreme. All master it, except humans, unable to use it. They prefer witchcraft and abuse it to quench their thirst for power.

Defeated by their elven and dragon enemies after a merciless war, they steal the king’s egg from these winged creatures before exiling.

Years later, Princes Ezran and Callum find the egg and take it into their heads to return it to the dragons to pacify their world. Then start a quest full of dangers in the dangerous lands of Xadia.

What did we think of it?

Prince of dragons is a journey into unknown and hostile lands. Populated by dragons and other fantastic creatures, Xadia is also plagued by perpetual infighting.

Reading the summary, you may have imagined a mature and violent cartoon. This is not the case, the heroes are kind and the fight scenes are hemoglobin free. The series will in fact be suitable for the majority of children.

The universe is friendly and colorful, while the animation is up to the task. We quickly get caught up in the story, to the point of quickly forgiving it for its shortcomings. It’s true, the heroes are a bit naive, cliché, and unevenly developed, but that doesn’t preclude Prince of dragons to make a good impression.

Finally, we spend nice moments in front of this series.

Netflix has also said it a lot: his cartoon is the fruit of the imagination of the writer and director ofAvatar: The Last Airbender.

Obviously, this is an “asset” to put forward on a CV and the SVoD platform was therefore not shy to underline it. She played the card of kinship and nostalgia with the many fans of Aang and his friends. If it does not match the latter, Prince of dragons still worth it and you should give it a chance.

  • Here’s the trailer for the first season:

A good Disney cartoon: Taram and the Magic Cauldron


Taram is a boy who keeps pigs, but he dreams of adventures. His wish will be granted the day he is tasked with putting Piggy Bank, a young sow, in a safe place. Why ? Because the animal has visions if you put its head under water.

The beast could therefore unveil the location of the magic cauldron, an artifact coveted by the Dark Lord. The villain dreams of using it to raise an army of undead warriors and take over the world.

Dark designs sufficient to convince Taram to set out in search of this cauldron, to destroy it and to stand in the way of his evil opponent.

What did we think of it?

This synopsis might make one think of Lord of the Rings. And for good reason: the film does not at all meet the usual standards of Mickey’s firm. If the hero is a young boy, accompanied by a princess, a creature and a bard, the villain is much more terrifying.

The feature film does not look like a nice educational adventure either, as usual. At the time, Disney wanted to expand its audience to teenagers.

The entertainment giant has therefore decided to invest heavily for this, with synthetic images (a first for the time) and a budget of thirty million dollars. In the end, Taram only netted twenty-one, thus signing a trade flop, while not really being spared by the critics. The public did not buy into this radical change in tone. The film was even the first Disney classified “PG”, that is, with a “warning to parents”.

However, Taram and the Magic Cauldron enjoys the time spent, and despite its inconsistencies, it has become quite cult thanks to the cursed movie label. It’s a bit like the new Merlin the Enchanter, but less didactic, darker and focusing on the epic and a rich universe ofheroic fantasy.

Its medieval side (in which the young Tim Burton participated) and its very adult tone give it a unique identity. Moreover, its failure was not without causing turmoil internally. Dissatisfied and exhausted, other designers will quickly fall back on other projects to better pass the pill. However, the film still deserves to be known and you would be wrong to miss it.

  • Watch a preview of this “unloved” movie:

An astonishing feature film: Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond (Netflix)


The film looks back on the production of Man on the moon, the feature film by Milos Forman (1999), and more specifically the performance of its main actor, Jim Carrey, who plays the comedian Andy Kaufman.

Between archive images and interviews with the actor twenty years later, Jim and Andy is an interesting reflection on the role of the actor, particularly invested in his character.

What did we think of it?

This film is an exceptional document, on all facets of a fascinating actor whose voice is rather rare (apart from film promotions and social networks).

This is perhaps the ultimate document on Jim Carrey, one of the greatest comedians of his generation. Jim & Andy, a real documentary film, returns to the feature film where Jim Carrey plays the one he always wanted to be (Andy Kaufman was his idol).

To achieve this, he chooses to be Andy Kaufman both in front of and behind the camera. You follow ? The actor’s immersion in his character is total. You only need to immerse yourself in this film for a few minutes to realize it.

The focus on Carrey, behind the scenes of his performance, also allows us to dissect the profession of actor. The actor proves that if he is first known and recognized for his comedic roles, he is also capable of excelling in the dramatic register.

How do you manage to appropriate the very essence of a character? Jim & Andy always brings some very interesting answers. What’s more, Kaufman is a complex and difficult character to grasp.

This is also what makes the charm of the film and hooks the viewer. Are you intrigued? So go ahead and start watching this very good feature film.

  • Below is a taste of the film:

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