On myCanal, the Two Weeks to Live series is a nice surprise

How about watching a series on myCanal to switch from Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video and others? Its catalog is constantly gaining in attractiveness and is filled with high quality films and series.

This Tuesday, let’s talk about Two Weeks to Live, unknown, but nice series to see on the service of streaming (SVoD). If you don’t know what to watch, she might just do the trick.

Why watch Two Weeks to Live tonight?

The series in summary

Kim grew up completely on the margins of our society, the codes of which she does not know. At 21, she decides to go discover the world, equipped with a list of things to do and a mad desire to avenge the death of her father. Too badass naive, she meets two brothers and leads them on a dangerous adventure.

Editorial opinion

Quite anonymous since its release last year, Two Weeks to Live is a nugget british which looks very easy. In the skin of the heroine, the talented Maisie Williams makes a good impression. Does his face mean anything to you? This is probably because she plays Arya Stark in Games of Thrones.

Kim is a young woman who has lived most of her life isolated from society, raised in an environment where survivalism is a true religion. His mother (Sian Clifford, seen in Fleabag) taught her how to hunt and how to manage, while persuading her that the Apocalypse is never far away.

Kim’s arrival in “the real world” will therefore lead to many incredible situations, as embarrassing as they are funny. The series is a series of misunderstandings where we see the drama irremediably approaching, like a final bouquet.

The adventures of the merry band can only end badly, we quickly see it coming. But this does not detract from the plot of the series, on the contrary.

Two Weeks to Live has the quirky, sarcastic and quirky tone that makes the success of many English comedies. But basically, the series is about the trauma that follows the death of a loved one, which earned it several very touching moments.

Without being perfect, it succeeds in its bet and immerses us in the initiatory and tragic journey of its protagonists. What to spend good times in front of a show (unfairly) passed under the radar.

  • Here is the trailer for the series:

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