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If the temperature outside drops, it only rises netflix as well as Amazon Prime Video. It must be said that SVoD streaming platforms continue to shower us with novelties and cult works to editorial I set myself the task of making a small selection for you.

Tonight we watch Alban Lenoir smash bumpers and jaws in The Lost Ball 2, call on Beetlejuice in the film of the same name, and delve into the previous Holy War in Sainte Seil, The Lost Canvas.

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What movies and series to watch on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix tonight?

A new benchmark for French action: Balle Perdue 2 (Netflix)


Lino has joined the Narcotics Brigade and forms a strike team with Julia. But when he again finds himself in contact with the killers of his brother and his mentor, the man decides to apply his justice, and no one is interested in standing in his way.


The unexpected success of the platform, so Balle Perdue has the right to continue, always with Guillaume Pierret at the helm. But not succumbing to the sirens of too much ambition for him, the director decided to keep doing what he does best, using the increased budget without limits.

As a result, Bale Perdue 2 is a generous and enjoyable concentrate of action in which Alban Lenoir always impressively plays wrecking balls. Between John Wick and Fast & Furious, the guy hits and rolls everything that moves with pure regressive pleasure.

Without trying to sell us anything but a huge dose of adrenaline, Guillaume Pierret once again proves his talent for setting the action with long shots that do justice to the choreography and explosions. The footage captured is far from bragging, being proudly advertised and well thought out entertainment.

This sequel also gives Pierre a chance to test new toys and give pride of place Stephie Selma metamorphosed is quite plausible when it comes to a patella fracture or two. Lost Ball 2 is a perfect example of a sequel that pushes the sliders while being well aware of its own limitations. We ask for more.

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Sequel (almost) better than original: Saint Seiya – The Lost Canvas (Netflix)


More than two hundred years before Seiya and the other Knights of Athena managed to defeat Hades, the previous Holy War is about to break out. In the midst of this eternal conflict between knights and ghosts, three young orphan childhood friends, Tenma, Sasha and Alone, will see their fate turned upside down. Tenma is destined to wear the Pegasus armor to protect Sasha, Athena’s reincarnation at the time, while Odin is revealed to be Hades.


We are talking to you about the time that those under twenty cannot know. The time when every child/teenager was able to perfectly imitate the attack of the Pegasus Meteors. The time when “Knights of the Zodiac” was one of the standards of manga / anime. Years passed, and Saint Seiya (his original name) knew many derivative series in manga or anime, with few (if any) being unanimous. To Saint Seiya, the lost canvas?

However, this series is not free from flaws, nevertheless, it makes an impression by correcting the flaws of its model, especially in regards to the characters. Indeed, the anime manages to give more options to secondary characters, in particular the famous Golden Knights. Here, Athena’s most powerful defenders have a real presence and a power worthy of their reputation.

So we see Dantesque confrontations, in which people confront the gods with the same strength as ingenuity, at a pyrotechnics festival. A lot of words that can be reduced to one indisputable fact: each character has crazy charisma!

So inevitable, when you know the result, the heart involuntarily trembles at every loss, every tragedy. Because The Lost Canvas shines with its ability to stage torn lives, as if a person were just a plaything in the hands of fate. This Saint Seiya, more than a fight between two orders, primarily highlights our ability to rise up against the inevitable. In the pure spirit of the original manga.

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A film as funny as it is scary: Beetlejuice (Amazon Prime Video)


Dying prematurely, the young couple, turned into ghosts, continue to occupy their home. But when a wealthy family decides to take over the premises and change everything, Adam and Barbara Maitland will do everything they can to force them out, even bringing in an expert in the field: Beetlejuice.


What can I say about Beetlejuice that hasn’t already been said? Film about Tim Burton hasn’t stolen its reputation as a classic despite the years, and even if the special effects are clearly a little dated, its charm hasn’t suffered.

I must say that the director addresses all his favorite topics. His love for “freaks” with excellent Winona Ryder, his taste for the baroque universe and his relationship to subversive black humor. Beetlejuice is not so much because of his eponymous character, but because of what he does with him.

Finally, it would be unscrupulous to claim that the “bio-exorcist” has nothing to do with the film’s success. Future Batman Michael Keaton embodies the ideal agent of chaos, which amuses us as much as it disgusts us. Weird and unsettling, Beetlejuice is one of those people we love to hate as much as we hate to love him.

And then the film comes from a time before digital had invaded the screens, which gives it an old-fashioned charm thanks to do-it-yourself effects that, nevertheless, do not deprive themselves of any restrictions; as long as there is imagination. It is a visual treasure where each set, each costume has its own personality and narrative language. Definitely one of Tim Burton’s best films.

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