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Holidays may be over (except for a few lucky ones, we see you), but we continue to relax, again diving into the catalogs of streaming platforms. and forget it’s back to school. So what to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video? Follow the writing guide !

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This weekend, we’re wrestling with family tragedy in the Tekken: Bloodline adaptation, finding Hiccup and Toothless for a new adventure in Dragons 2, and seeing Sylvester Stallone as an aging superhero in Samaritan.

What movies and series to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video this weekend?

Series that excels: Tekken: Bloodline (Netflix)


After witnessing his mother’s murder by a supernatural being, Jin Kazama finds his paternal grandfather, Heihachi Mishima, to teach him revenge. But in order to get the beast out of its lair, Jin will have to take part in a tournament that will bring together the best fighters.


The famous video game Tekken has received the right to a new adaptation in the form of a six-episode animated series. Subtitled “Bloodline”, this show is in line with other action-focused shows produced by Netflix such as “Kengan Ashura” or “Baki”.

Tekken: Bloodline will primarily speak to fans of the license, based on the famous rivalry within the Mishima/Kazama clan, without going into too much detail, including the rest of the characters. Voluntary risk of losing the neophyte in order to focus on clashes with the second part of this first season.

As for the latter, 2D animation manages to convey the exchange of beats with beautiful staging and rhythm, even if they can sometimes be frustrating due to their short duration. There are certain iconic video game sequences, and special attacks get an extra visual boost for more impact.

So we can say that this adaptation was perfect to satisfy connoisseurs who will only have one wish: to wish for a second season so as not to be left at the particularly violent end of the final series. As for the rest, they will find in Tekken: Bloodline imperfect but enjoyable entertainment within the range always more than envisaged in the SVoD service genre.

  • Trailer that speaks to fans:

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Sequel that surpasses the previous version: “Dragons 2” (Netflix)


Vikings and dragons now coexist in harmony, while Hiccup and Toothless travel the skies to discover new horizons. Thus, they stumble upon a hidden cave harboring wild dragons and a mysterious Dragon Rider. This meeting will change everything for the two species.


We can never repeat this enough: check out the Dragons trilogy or risk missing out on one of the biggest (if not the biggest) animated sagas of recent years. And within the framework of the license, the second opus is undoubtedly the most successful.

As far as animation alone goes, it’s amazing to see that in an area where graphics get old quickly, Dragons 2 hasn’t been out of date even eight years after its release. Whether it’s in terms of detail, colorimetry or staging, the film outdoes itself, setting a foundation that can still hold its own today.

The animators have done a titanic job to make us experience this adventure, where the imagination seems to have no limits and where we are amazed at every moment, in every frame. Technical prowess coupled with a great sense of storytelling, Dragons 2 isn’t content to replicate the story of the first opus, but pushes it further so that our characters develop at the same time as their world.

Before us is a feature film that cares not only about what it shows, but also about what it says, overflowing with richness, courage and emotion. More than a successful sequel, this is a timeless slap in the face and a role model for anyone who wants to make an animated film.

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The Movie That Rekindles Past Glory: The Samaritan (Amazon Prime Video)


Twenty-five years ago, Samaritan was a vigilante who protected the citizens of Granite City from his worst enemy, Nemesis. The two superheroes have since disappeared, but 13-year-old Sam Cleary is convinced Samaritan is still alive and suspects his neighbor Joe Smith of being a former vigilante. Will the hero return to service before the city is completely engulfed in chaos?


A movie with Sylvester Stallone is already good, but a movie with Sylvester Stallone as a superhero is even better. It must be said that for this former glory of action movies of the 80s and 90s, accustomed to the roles of an invincible superman, it is almost obvious to see him embody a real superman, and we are almost surprised that we did not endow him with supernatural powers much earlier.

Based on that premise, Amazon Prime Video hit Samaritan hard by offering Sly a specially crafted role in which a man embraces his age and inspires the younger generation by handing out cosmic mandalas to anyone who teases him too much. If there was only one reason to jump on tape, it would be to see this battered old face show that we won’t be burying him tomorrow.

Paying homage to its star, Samaritan shouldn’t expect it to fall into a classic superhero production with epic battles and costumed heroes. Here the struggle is mostly internal, and we fight for our redemption in the face of more utilitarian enemies. We’re talking about transmission, resilience, courage in the midst of an ever-widening social divide.

Stingy in action, in part to mask a lack of budget in terms of special effects, Samaritan thus tries to offer something else in terms of superheroes, choosing to focus on its hero rather than its superhero. An imperfect suggestion, but worthy of consideration. And here you can not ignore the film with Sylvester Stallone, a matter of principle.

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