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In May, do whatever you want! And we don’t know about you, but at , fun is easy to find on the side of SVoD streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Indeed, while searching the catalog of platforms, we came across a few nuggets. streaming, and since we’re cute, we’re sharing our best finds in terms of movies and TV series.

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This weekend we will live in the harsh reality of the life of a doctor in Hippocrates, we are going to take a cute and uncontrollable dog named Beethoven and we will fight monsters and demons at the wheel of the Supernatural Impala. .

What movies and series to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video this weekend?

Quasi-Documentary Fiction: Hippocrates (Netflix)


For Benjamin, the first year of an internship in the service of his father was not easy. Although practice proves to be much more difficult than theory, he has to deal with the weight of responsibility, the absence of a father, and the pressure that his fellow trainee Abdel, a much more experienced foreign doctor, puts on him. Benjamin will face the reality of the profession and its own limitations.


Long before the series of the same name, which confirmed Thomas Lilty’s talent for storytelling of the daily lives of nursing staff, this former general practitioner signed Hippocrates, a film in which he drew inspiration from his own experience to lay the foundations of his cinema.

And this is where the filmmaker manages to stand out from his peers, creating a kind of mockumentary that mixes fiction and reality to give meaning to his story. We believe it simply because everything seems to be true. Realistically, the dive is no less exciting as it is carefully crafted, sparing a few surprises along the way.

With as much interest in drama as he does in comedy, Thomas Lilty manages to ask the social questions surrounding his characters, such as therapeutic ruthlessness, medically assisted suicide, or the need for even more profitability even in medical settings, while still maintaining real joyful moments. when lightness suddenly prevails over the dramas of everyday life, as if denoting the saving need for escape for these frustrated interns.

And if Vincent Lacoste does not have to make a lot of effort to give life to his Benjamin, as an actor does not radically change the register in what he taught us, then Reda Kateb does not steal his Cesar for the supporting role received for his role. as hard as moving. Hippocrates should be listed on Netflix immediately.

  • Confusing realistic trailer:

Cult family movie of a generation: Beethoven (Netflix)


The Newton family adopts a small puppy, unaware that it will quickly become a huge dog weighing 85 kilograms. On the other side of town, a dastardly veterinarian is doing experiments on dogs, and he really could use a St. Bernard for his tests…


For any child growing up in the 90s, Beethoven is not so much a German composer as a fat St. Bernard. Years before Air Bud and other canine stars, Brian Levant’s film reminded us why we love dogs so much.

As irreplaceable for the young Newtons as the 85-kilogram nightmare for their father George – the formidable Charles Grodin (who, unfortunately, passed away a year ago almost the other day) is constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown, the fang is more cute than funny.

Relying on a doggie physique to turn it into a bulldozer of nonsense, the film doesn’t forget to offer us a high-flying Dean Jones antagonist with nightmarish facial expressions, offering a surprisingly grown-up and terrifying counterpoint to the overall atmosphere.

Sure, the movie seems to have aged a bit over the years, especially since so many others have since taken its place (including its own even worse sequels), but it’s hard not to smile at Beethoven’s antics in this one, which remains on top. baskets for family fun, where the animal is the star.

  • Trailer that makes you want to adopt a dog:

One of the longest running fantasy series: Supernatural (Prime Video)


Sam and Dean Winchesters travel across the United States to defeat all sorts of monsters, find their father, as well as the demon responsible for their mother’s death when they were children.


Fifteen seasons and 327 episodes later, Supernatural disappeared from American channels. A series fully available on Amazon Prime Video, does it deserve its longevity? To be honest, we can’t hide that she was able to pull out a few lengths and that some passages smelled good of paraphrasing or nonsense.

But whatever. It doesn’t matter, because if Supernatural is appreciated for its fifteen seasons, it’s not for its filling episodes or intrigue, which previous ones are often forgotten about (no, we won’t reveal anything to you!). That’s because creator Eric Kripke loved his characters so much that he made them contagious.

Despite the release of tracks, Sam and Dean Winchester make one of the best duos on the small screen, thanks in part to the obvious chemistry between their performers Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, whose true friendship has been evident in their roles for fifteen years. Supporting roles followed, all as charming and crazy as they are, giving us the impression that we have formed a big family, even among the bad guys, of which we eventually feel like a member.

Besides loving its characters, Supernatural also shines with its ability to surprise us when we least expect it. Whether it’s trying out unusual episodes using meth long before it was a new fad, or offering us appropriate reflections on various folklore or theology (one episode in particular shows a rare mastery in this area), the show has very often shone with its ingenuity. and his approach to certain subjects.

And if it’s time for Supernatural to end, we can’t help but feel a little empty because we have to admit that we were attached to it.

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  • Flashback with the trailer of the first season:

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