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It’s the weekend, and with it a host of seasonal events or enticing weekly outings. It’s often difficult to delve into the labyrinth of streaming platform algorithms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video to find a rare gem in their glittering catalogue. But the editors are following the developments, and we have discovered three international projects that went unnoticed during their respective releases a few months ago.

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Our selection of the weekend includes: the Brazilian series Nobody’s Watching, the American family series The Young Adventurers and the Swedish Love and Anarchy.

What shows to watch this weekend on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video?

Series Not So Angelic: Nobody’s Watching (Netflix)


Having discovered the underside of the bureaucracy of the Angelus system, the new angel has no choice but to break the codes regarding human protection.


What if our guardian angels, who guide everyone daily and often save their lives, formed an unfriendly bureaucracy that has been in operation for millennia, and a new recruit comes to question the legitimacy of its rules? It is from this original postulate that the trio of creators Daniel Rezende, Karolina Markovic and Teoddoro Poppović build the wacky universe of the Brazilian TV series Nobody’s Watching in 8 episodes.

All redheaded, dressed in a tailored shirt and tie, and always ready to help, the Angeluses of the show are far from the Angels of Happiness, and are divided into districts around the world. Until Ulysses (Victor Lamoglia), new to the System, begins to question the logic of the rules imposed on him: among other things, never deviate from the Agenda, never intervene in a distress situation that does not affect a person who is being cared for, do not enter the boss’s office . It is by breaking this last rule that Ulysses will blow up the angels’ well-oiled machine and find his own way of running his daily life as a benefactor, aided by two assistants in trust for the secret kept by the System, Chun (Danilo de Moura) and Greta (Giulia Rabello).

“Nobody’s Watching” touches on the very subtle topic of self-determination and bureaucracy, making the angels as mischievous as they are crowded through some very funny dialogue. Comedy comes from situations that have to be handled by these little invisible hands of the universe, controlled by short-tempered managers and very strict on protocol.

The themes are very similar to the Good Place themes, in that we don’t give much thought to the kindness of the actions of the people who have been helped; we think more of Brazil’s choke system or the late Dead Like Me series and its Crazy Reapers team. Please note that the series, which has only one season, is only available in OV with French subtitles.

  • Watch the trailer for the series:

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Emotional Family Series: Young Adventurers (Prime Video)


The McKenna family is struggling to recover from the death of their beloved head of the family, Patrick. Hope appears in the form of a book called “Les Jeunes Aventuriers” that Patrick created for his three sons. He becomes a practical guide who fires up his youngest son Wyatt’s imagination, allowing him to reunite with his father and learn lessons that will help him in real life.


This is a well-known figure from the series who manages this youth series in 6 episodes. Bryan Cranston, also known as Breaking Bad’s Walter White, was in love with the children’s book A Dangerous Book for Boys, which he decided to film. He even co-wrote the first two episodes!

Young Adventurers begins with the sudden death of the family’s father, Patrick (Chris Diamantopoulos), a fun-loving and funny inventor by trade, who bequeathed the book to his three sons, Wyatt (Gabriel Bateman), Dash (Drew Logan Powell). ) and Liam (Kian Zelinsky). This one is filled with knowledge about pyramids, space, science, construction… and in particular inspires Wyatt to leave dreams more real than nature in order to be able to face the real world.

Whether it’s landing on the moon, sailing through the jungle, or even a poker tournament, the procrastination of Wyatt and his clan comes to life before our eyes…with Patrick as our guide and advisor. Patrick is also present as his twin brother Terry (also played by Chris Diamantopoulos), who makes a surprise appearance in the lives of the McKenna trio.

Les Jeunes Aventuriers is a project full of sweet and bitter emotions along the way, touching on difficult topics such as the psychological rehabilitation of children after bereavement, the ordeal of a widow left to herself (here, the character Beth, played by excellent actress Erinn Hayes, was seen in Medical Police by we advised you) all with great accuracy of interpretation.

She knows how to create more comedic moments, especially with Grandma McKenna (Swoosie Kurtz), who also lives in Beth’s house and has a hippie personality who was a fan of Kiss and glam rock bands in the past. “Young Adventurers” alternates endlessly between boring, monotonous photos for episodes at McKenna’s house and bright colors to let Wyatt’s imagination inspired by reading his father’s textbook. In short, this kind of personalized guide for junior beavers offers material for these six episodes!

  • Season 1 preview:

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Unique Office Drama: Love and Anarchy (Netflix)


A married consultant and a young computer scientist seduce each other during a game that defies societal norms and forces them to rethink their entire lives.


When Sophie (Ida Ungvoll) accepts a consultant role to help a prestigious Swedish publishing house accelerate its digital transformation, she has no idea she will lose her footing in her lifetime. In private, she feels very uncomfortable, and we learn little by little that she has a more rebellious identity as an amateur writer, which she was forced to give up due to social compromise.

When computer scientist Max (Bjorn Mosten) catches her in a compromising position, he agrees to erase the evidence he’s gathered…on the condition that she accept the childish challenge. Sophie reluctantly agrees, and little by little a quarrel with an attractive employee escalates…

Love & Anarchy sets out to bring the codes of romantic comedy to life with its master tandem, who learn their limits and seduce each other with wacky challenges… under the office’s nose and beard. It’s really a situation comedy that sins a bit with regards to the banal work environment and rather unattractive professional crises.

But that may be the intention of award-winning director Lisa Langseth, also behind the pen of all episodes, to give her character an escape from everyday life and deal with delicate family life, including her father. has dementia. The series seduces primarily due to the chemistry between its two interpreters, real revelations. Good news, if you enjoyed Season 1, Season 2 is available this week!

  • Teaser of office tests of the first season:

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