On Netflix and Canal+: 3 thrilling shows to watch this weekend –

Novelties do not wait until the summer season slows down. Especially for the Canal + catalog and the Netflix catalog deployed in 190 countries, where monthly releases number in the tens. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, which is why the editors of start this weekend with three unusual suggestions.

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This weekend, CNET recommends the documentary series DB Cooper: Where’s the Hijacker and the series King of Stonks and Pretty Hard Cases.

What shows to watch this weekend on Netflix and Canal+?

The Elusive Documentary Series: DB Cooper: Where’s the Hijacker? (Netflix)


In 1971, a hijacker jumps out of a plane with a bag of money extortion and disappears. Decades later, his identity remains a mystery.


Spoiler alert: no, we didn’t find D.B. Cooper, one of the most notorious criminals of the 21st century, who hijacked a plane asking for 4 parachutes and $200,000 in cash. Which does not invalidate this 4-episode documentary series directed by Marina Zenovich.

No, via DB Cooper: Where is the hijacker? you will meet some of the most tireless researchers, professionals or amateurs who want to shed light on the personality and motives of this enigmatic forty year old. In fact, one of them, Tom Colbert, after ten years of investigation, is firmly convinced that he solved the case. Problem: The FBI debunked his theory in 2016, very publicly, in a History Channel special.

The documentary series traces the facts and countless gray areas and unresolved issues of the investigation and introduces us in a playful way to some credible suspects. But she’s more interested in those involved in the investigation, because, as one of the interlocutors said: success in arresting or exposing D. B. Cooper will make anyone more famous and mythical than … D. B. Cooper.

From conventions to false leads, from frustrations to twists and turns, Marina Zenovich and her team brilliantly prove that this case has withstood time, agencies, and even the wildest conspiracy theories (he would have been covered by the CIA, being a former military involved in covert operations). In the age of the Internet, Sunday investigators illuminate and analyze new evidence in a different light. And, even if the FBI officially closed the case in 2016, hundreds of clues and theories continue to excite the imagination of thousands of citizens.

  • The first part is on file, a trailer for the docu-series, which can be found below. :

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Acerbic drama about ambitious startups: King of Stonks on Netflix


Greedy for professional fame, an ambitious financial genius lies, cheats and schemes to make his small, trustworthy company a success.


The co-creators of the popular German series How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) Matthias Moormann and Philipp Kebborer got the idea for their new series from current events. Namely, the bankruptcy of the German online banking giant Wirecard after the exposure of falsified accounts and massive fraud.

Here we follow CableCash co-founder Felix Armand (Thomas Schubert) on the eve of his company’s listing on the stock exchange with the blessing of the German Ministry of Digital Technology, which promised them a lucrative contract. In Sight: His promotion as co-CEO along with Magnus Kramer (Matthias Brandt), another co-founder and eccentric public face of the company. But on his list of problems is missing a USB drive, porn moguls threatening to leak that they are one of Cablecash’s biggest customers… and, by the way, ties to the Sicilian mafia exposed in the press.

The tragicomedy of the era of ultra-liberalism and nihilism King of Stonks turns into a small game about who steals the best from another. Zealous swindler Sheila Williams (Larissa Sira Harden) will try to swindle the company by relying on Felix and posing as the daughter of an anonymous investor with inexhaustible funds.

An ultra-smooth staging is served, a few caustic montages to enlighten the audience about the Cablecash duo’s past and schemes, and we end up with a sort of nice German copy of Adam McKay films like The Big Short, even The Wolf of Wall Street is more neurotic and less excessive. The six episodes are packaged as a mini-series, with the introduction clearly stating that “the resemblance to other cases of fraud is purely coincidental”, a snub of the Wirecard scandal. Of which to act.

  • Watch the trailer for the first season:

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Unique Detective Series: Pretty Hard Cases on myCANAL


In Toronto, two very different inspectors strike up a close friendship amid professional ambitions and disastrous personal lives.


Series with a tandem of police officers who oppose everything, from services where they are respected as the best and taught to recognize and appreciate each other, there are hundreds of them. Hard Things, a Canadian TV series that aired for two seasons on POLAR+, is a breath of fresh air in this formula, which I must say is in great demand all over the world.

First, Sam Wazowski (Meredith McNeil) and Kelly Duff (Adrienne S. Moore) meet during the arrest of a small-time drug dealer and quickly team up at the end of the first episode. And this is the first case involving a local gang leader and a major player in the drug trade that will be heard until the end of the season; in fact, one of the suspects in this episode will take over the drug business and keep an eye on the activities of Sam Wazowski, an elite member of the Gang Investigation Unit. This makes the danger very personal for the two interrogators.

But the well-defined and subtly interpreted characters of Hard Cases owe to the experience of their creators, Tessie Cameron and Sherri White, who worked on several local detective series, including Rookie Blue (shown on 13th Street). And they breathe a wind of modernity and unease into Sam and Kelly’s investigative activities: a spinning operation that goes wrong, and the two heroines are left on the sidelines! A son who doesn’t hesitate to wear “Defund The Police” T-shirts even though his own mother is an elite member of the local police force. Or the sequence in which Kelly must take the caliber out of the hands of a little boy tasked with protecting a drug stash through communication and tact.

Crazy but not overbearing, sweet at times, more down to earth than some other American shows of its kind, Hard Things is an attractive proposition. It has already been renewed for a third season, which is currently in production.

  • Watch the trailer for the series:

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