On Netflix and Disney+: 3 hilarious shows to watch this Wednesday –

Whether you’re more into zombies, French comedy or space opera, the three series that invites you to discover today are guaranteed to make you laugh. So head to the streaming platforms Netflix and Disney+ for an unforgettable evening.

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Discover the Ash vs. Evil Dead, Detox and The Orville.

Which show to watch or watch tonight on Netflix and Disney+?

Crazy Series: Ash vs Evil Dead (Netflix)


In this sequel to the Evil Dead films, Ash is forced to return to fighting demons after living on the run for 30 years. However, this time he is no longer alone fighting the forces of Evil.


If you like Sam Raimi’s films of young Ash Williams’ misadventures against a horde of demons, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be smitten with Ash’s battle against an assassin. Evil Dead.

Even more gory, delusional and daring than the films it came from, this series resurrects the Evil Dead universe in a big way. Bruce Campbell is as hilarious and brilliant as ever in the title role, and this time he’s surrounded by an equally engaging and entertaining cast.

Consists of three short seasons of Ash vs. The Evil Dead is an amazing series, dynamic and always based on the absurd. Not everyone likes this kind of humor, but if you like it, then the series will never cease to amaze you with its episodes.

The effectively directed, written and acted Ash vs. The Evil Dead is a zombie series unlike any other that never fails to be crazy and elated. Do not miss.

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Crazy Series: Detox (Netflix)


Realizing the toxicity of their relationship to the Internet, Lea and Manon, cousins ​​and roommates, decide to go through a digital detox for 30 days. Easier said than done.


The Detox concept is a simple and effective story: Lea needs to stop being obsessed with her ex and Manon needs to get over her bad social media conversations, so the two decide to leave the digital world behind for a month.

As such, the subject of screen addiction is treated with lightness and humor, making for an uninhibited and fun series. The troubles of Leia and Manon are all the more amusing because they are surrounded by their families, consisting of very bright personalities.

The quirky French comedy Detox, with a solid cast, is entertaining, but on the other hand, it misses the point a bit. Finally, the addiction to screens remains only the starting point of the narrative and is not really explored in depth. This topic deserves more attention than just being used as a medium for comedy.

In short, we have an entertainment series with no further continuation. See anyway.

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Amazing Series: The Orville (Disney+)


The incredible adventures of the crew of Orville, a spaceship that explores the four corners of the galaxy 400 years into the future.


Inspired by Star Trek, The Orville is a series with Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy Woods, American Dad) that takes us into space opera like no other.

Alternately funny, touching and exciting, the series does not lock itself into the comedy genre and, on the contrary, does not hesitate to touch on everything. Orville then tackles both the social issues and the heart stories of its passengers.

The strength of The Orville rests on the shoulders of its characters, cute and interesting. Fascinated by their adventures, the viewer finds himself in front of a series in which a big heart and good intentions are hidden behind a parody look and sometimes school jokes.

MacFarlane surprises with a project that ends up being a good declaration of love for Star Trek and space opera that is as visually appealing as it is storytellingly engaging. Have.

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