On Netflix and Disney +, two series to watch to end the week well

As the catalog of Netflix, Disney + and others is of the bloated genre, it is not difficult to find quality films and series there. In fact, is happy to recommend its favorites to you on a daily basis.

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This Friday, Aquarius and Star Wars: Rebels are the series recommended by us and here is why they deserve your attention.

On Netflix and Disney +, which series to watch tonight?

A good detective series: Aquarius (Netflix)

The synopsis

Los Angeles 1967, Sam Hodiak is a seasoned, but tormented LAPD sergeant. When the daughter of an influential lawyer from the City of Angels goes missing, he investigates to try to find her. While his investigations put him on the trail of the dangerous Charles Manson and members of his sect, he realizes that the young girl could well be one of his followers. Helped by the undercover policeman Brian Shafe, he will then try to infiltrate the small group …

What we think of the series

Aquarius was taken a little bit by critics when it was released in 2015, not necessarily with good reason. It must be said that the series was expected at the turn. David Duchovny in the shoes of a police officer investigating “The Family” by Charles Manson. The pitch has something to intrigue and make you want to embark on the program, at the risk of being disappointed like many serial fans.

We will be more measured about it. Aquarius isn’t the series of the decade, but it’s a good thriller captivating and rhythmic policeman. As usual, the charismatic David Duchovny is up to the task. Here, he carries the program squarely on his shoulders and is obviously no stranger to the positive outlook we have on Aquarius.

The actor is his pillar, which allows him to float and never tire of his viewer. Unfortunately, the series does not escape the clichés. The clichés abound, the characters are unevenly developed and some even lack interest. The story sometimes turns a bit in circles, so that the main plot is sometimes drowned in less interesting minor plots.

It’s a shame, even if we don’t have a bad time watching the series. Soundtrack, atmosphere of the end of the 1960s, racial issues quite well tackled … the good points are also numerous. They must therefore also be retained when judging Aquarius, a good detective series which could certainly have done even better.

  • Here’s a trailer for the series:

A successful animated series: Star Wars Rebels

The synopsis

Several years after the tragic events of Episode III, the Galactic Empire reigns and sows terror. In the streets, the Stormtroopers apply quasi-martial law and the Resistance begins to organize to free themselves from their yoke.

Star Wars Rebels offers to follow the crew of the Ghost ship, consisting of pilot Hera Syndulla, Mandalorian bounty hunter Sabine Wren, warrior Zeb Orellios, droid Chopper, and human Kanan Jarrus.

At the end of the first episode, they are joined by Ezra Bridger, a resourceful teenager with a bit of a pickpocket around the edges. Together, they will do much more than roam the galaxy, they will change his destiny …

What we think of the series

Star Wars Rebels is the heiress of the appreciated Clone Wars. Heavy was therefore his task, that of being the new animated series Star wars reference. Clone Wars takes place between episodes II and III and can count on the classic imagination of the saga and its characters already well in place.

Rebels it begins between episodes III and IV, an unprecedented moment when everything is to be rebuilt after the Jedi purge. It must therefore bridge the gap between the prelogy (I, II, III) and the trilogy (IV, V, VI). And she is doing perfectly well. First, and you will see it, because there are many references to the other opus in the saga.

It is by hanging up the various wagons of the pre-existing works that Rebels really manages to seduce. Better, the viewer finds himself there, because the series makes the link with Clone Wars, but also the trilogy. The plastic of show will reassure followers and please novices.

By making travel in still unexplored territories, with new characters, it does not lack assets. The series also takes the time to focus on the relationships between the characters. The personalities of Ezra and Kanan, among others, are very well developed.

In short, with Clone Wars, then Rebels (in that order, imperative), fans will be able to enjoy long, entertaining evenings in a galaxy far, far away. And if they are eager to know what happened before Episode IV, there is still Rogue One

  • Discover a video preview of the show below :

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