On Netflix and Disney +, what excellent series to watch or see again on Friday night?

In the kingdom of streaming by subscription, the contenders for the throne are numerous. Netflix and Disney + are among the “biggest fish” on the market and each have a rich catalog of thousands of films and series.

So what to watch tonight on SVoD platforms? As usual, tries to guide you towards two series seen and appreciated in the offer of the two services. Today let’s talk about Last Chance U: Basketball (Netflix) and Moloch (Disney +).

What very good series to discover Friday night on Netflix and Disney +?

Great Documentary Series: Last Chance U: Basketball (Netflix)

The synopsis of the series

East Los Angeles College, a small public university in the City of Angels, is not exactly known for its athletic excellence.

There, the student-athletes do not have a scholarship and have to do what they can to pay for their tuition, accommodation and make ends meet.

However, since coach John Mosley took over the reins of the basketball team, things have changed. By recruiting talented players eager to revive, he intends to win the national title and make the ELAC Huskies a gateway.

Towards what? Prestigious universities, very high level basketball and a better life for its “foals”.

Our opinion

In the wake of previous seasons centered on three different American football teams, Last Chance U changes sport in the last episodes to date.

No more brutal clashes in US football and attempts to touchdowns in deep America, the excellent documentary series is about basketball this time. So much the better, it doesn’t hurt to vary the pleasures after five seasons dedicated to the other king sport across the Atlantic.

It is in Los Angeles that it happens, in an underprivileged neighborhood, far from the rhinestones and glitter of Hollywood. The principle of the program remains the same. Excellent athletes have lost their way to success.

Behavior problems, bad grades, abuse of illicit substances … they have failed to impose themselves at the higher level, in the team of a prestigious university.

Without a base to continue playing basketball, the future of these young people is in jeopardy. Fortunately, Coach Mosley makes a specialty of repatriating them to ELAC to revive them.

Since he took over the reins of the team, the Huskies have strung together the victories and the best players are never slow to be recruited. Last of Chance U: Basketball tells the story of the eventful season of his team.

In addition to the bubbling trainer who never fails to get carried away in long, fiery monologues, the series can count on a gallery of particularly endearing characters.

Joe, Deshaun, Malik, KJ … most players haven’t had much luck in life. Some have made bad choices, others have experienced personal tragedies. ELAC is their last chance to get noticed by college recruiters.

The show tells the story of their quest for redemption, the daily difficulties of each and the road strewn with pitfalls that leads to the national title. Once again, the immersion is successful and we get caught up in the game very quickly.

In addition to the careful execution of training and matches, Last Chance U succeeds in filming beautiful slices of life. We share the intimacy of the ELAC Huskies, their joys, their sorrows, their perspectives, but also the difficulties of the past.

It’s an excellent documentary series, gripping and often moving. It will appeal to basketball fans first, but not only. Even those who are not keen on sports could find what they are looking for.

  • Here is the trailer for Last Chance U: Basketball :

An astonishing drama: Moloch (Disney +)

The synopsis of the series

In a seemingly unremarkable town, people suddenly burst into flames, for no apparent reason. While the horror and the incomprehension rise, Louise, young journalist, and Gabriel, psychiatrist, will try to lead the investigation. Is it a series of murders, an uncontrollable supernatural phenomenon? They will do everything to find out.

Our opinion

Here is a nice surprise. We have started Moloch without expecting much and the series turned out to be more interesting and engaging than we expected. She is not really feel-good, it’s the least we can say.

Her universe is gray, sad, the seaside town, the scene of her intrigue, is no more than a shadow of itself. Decrepit, it keeps only vestiges of its glorious industrial past.

Obviously, life is not the happiest there either, especially when several individuals suddenly start to flare up, for no logical reason. And this is where it gets interesting.

Certainly, the investigation and resolution of the mystery is worth the detour, but Moloch also calls out for what it says about us and about a society that is no longer linked. It’s a series of few words, with well-felt dialogue and complex, well-embodied characters.

The whole thing is quite slow, but nicely written and done. As for the end, it might have deserved to be a little more developed. The epilogue leaves us a little unsatisfied. Whatever, Moloch worth a visit and we recommend you take a look.

  • Watch a preview of the series:

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