On Netflix and OCS: 3 amazing shows to watch this Wednesday –

Women should honor not only March 8 – International Women’s Day. So this Wednesday, invites you to (re)discover three series available for streaming on the Netflix and OCS platforms, with heroines who deserve to be known.

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This Wednesday, find out without delay: 7 Lives of Leia, Tutuyutu and Lady’s Game.

Which series to watch or rewatch tonight on Netflix and OCS?

Mystery Series: The 7 Lives of Leah (Netflix)


When Lea discovers the remains of Ismael, a teenager who disappeared 30 years ago, she embarks on a fantasy investigation to find out what happened to him. Indeed, every morning Lea wakes up in 1991 in the body of another person and tries to unravel the mystery that surrounds her.


Lea is a teenager who is about to miss her bachelor’s degree and possibly the rest of her life, but she changes her mind when she starts time travelling.

From that point on, and throughout the episodes, The Seven Lives of Lea becomes a series that not only tries to solve the mystery, but also strives for self-discovery. As the story progresses, Leah learns as much about herself as she does about Ishmael’s disappearance.

Les 7 vies de Léa benefits from meticulous writing and production, a truly effective cast and an electrifying soundtrack. The episodes of the series follow each other with enthusiasm, gradually revealing different layers of its history and allowing us to discover complex and fascinating characters.

Fans of nostalgia for the 90s will be captivated by the universe of the series, and fans of the genre will like its fantastic plot. Do not miss.

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Spy Series: Toutouyoutou (OCS)


Near Toulouse in the 1980s, Karin and her friends discovered the joys of aerobics taught by Jane, an American who had recently settled in the region. But behind the bright swimsuits, Karin sees a completely different reality and wonders if Jane is really who she claims to be.


Mixing aeronautics, aerobics and industrial espionage, you should have thought about it, and Toutouyouto did it! This series is about Karina, the most ordinary mother whose life needs a little push.

The latter arrives in the form of Jane, an American who will move in next door and turn the lives of Karin and her friends upside down. Lonely and independent, Jane will push Karin and company to regain control of her life.

But Toutouyouto isn’t just about women’s emancipation. Indeed, the series also focuses on the France of the time and its clash with American culture. Through Jane, the Toutouyouto characters discover a different way of life, as well as the reality of industrial espionage. Under the guise of an aerobics class, Jane sets out to meddle with the vibrant ballooning community and uncover its secrets.

If the series’ early episodes struggle to take off, its offbeat tone and snarky humor will entice more than one. Have.

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Cerebral Series: Queen’s Game (Netflix)


At the height of the Cold War, Beth Harmon sets out to become the world’s greatest female chess player. Between the ages of eight and twenty-two, this young prodigy honed his game while battling addiction.


A real phenomenon when it was released on Netflix, Le jeu de la dame is an exceptional quality mini-series that deserves its success.

Led by the masterful hand of Anya Taylor-Joy, the series follows Beth Harmon’s journey with brilliance and grace. From the script to the production, including the beauty of the costumes and the talent of the performers, Le jeu de la dame is a true gem in the streaming platform’s catalogue.

You don’t need to be a chess player or an expert in the field to enjoy the series, as The game of checkers is much more than a series of matches between gifted players. The series really explores the ups and downs in Beth’s life, not only through her relationship with chess, but through what she has with her background and her addiction.

We then discover a complex character with a troubled past who captivates us from the beginning to the end of the show. To see or see again without hesitation.

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