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The beach, the sea, the sun – it’s so overrated that we know you’d rather stay in the shade, snuggle up in front of Netflix. or Amazon Prime Video. And since we always listen to you (and we are like you), writing browsed the directories of these two streaming platforms to find some greedy and crunchy treats.

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This weekend we’re trying to escape a man with 24 personalities in Split, facing the son of his father’s killer in the ring in Creed II, and growing up on Viking battlefields in Vinland Saga.

What movies and series to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video this weekend?

A movie with personality: Split (Amazon Prime Video)


Dr. Fletcher has already identified 23 personalities, each of which is imbued with the spirit of Kevin in its own way. But the twenty-fourth is about to wake up and pushes him to kidnap three teenage girls, including young Casey, who decided to run away from him.


M. Night Shyamalan is a director capable of both the best surprises and the worst disappointments. A divisive director who likes to go where he’s least expected, but who consistently manages to intrigue with every new project. The split begins in this way, like a curiosity about which we do not yet know under what sauce it will eat us.

Like its protagonist, Split is a film populated by two personalities. On the one hand, we have the flamboyant return of Shyamalan, who has managed to recapture the style that made him famous by signing a film where the line between reality and fantasy disappears in favor of a suspenseful thriller where the monster and the man are inside. the same entity.

On the other hand, we have the director, now breaking the rules of Hollywood, who sometimes seems to forget himself in rude challenges in order to attract a naive viewer. As if subtlety and subtext weren’t enough to tell the story, he highlights certain passages to grab our attention.

But if Split is truly worth watching, it’s thanks to James McAvoy’s masterful interpretation. The actor seems to be obsessed with each of the personalities that populate Kevin, displaying both mental and physical acting. A man fascinates, disturbs, frightens, and sometimes all in one scene. Split is not a product that is swallowed without chewing, it is eaten slowly to capture every taste.

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The Movie That Guarantees Legacy: Creed II (Netflix)


New world champion Adonis Creed sees the past come back to life when a new challenger challenges him in a way that gets very personal. This is none other than the son of the man who once killed his father in the ring, Ivan Drago. Between his career, family life and the desire for revenge, Adonis will have to make a choice.


At the risk of pissing some off, let’s be blunt: Creed II is a sequel that surpasses its predecessor.

On paper, however, the film took all the risks. If the first opus managed to restart the Rocky franchise to everyone’s surprise, then it no longer benefited from the craving for novelty and seemed to leave on a disguised remake of the fourth episode of the Italian stallion, pulling a former opponent out of the box.

Except that Creed II is first and foremost an opportunity for this new license to assert its distinction and impose its qualities. The character of Adonis is much less linear, more human, and his life is no longer solely about the gong. If in the original saga Adrian had an almost puppet role, content with the role of “wife” with a few nuances, then Bianca (terrible, funny and touching Tessa Thompson) here became a real partner for Adonis. She no longer supports him, she accompanies him. Away or in the ring, LES Creed is gaining momentum.

Creed II also achieves what the entire Rocky saga has failed to do: humanize the enemy. Victor Drago is not a simple office antagonist, the script offers him a story, his own personal drama. We have sympathy for him.

If Rocky IV is often ridiculed for its caricature of good and evil at the height of the Cold War, Creed 2 can be seen as a film about remorse. And what a great outlet for Rocky Balboa.

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Viking Soul Sweating Anime: Vinland Saga (Netflix and Amazon Prime Video)


Six-year-old young Thorfinn watched as his father was cowardly killed by the treacherous Viking leader Askeladd. Since then, the young man has been following him with the sole purpose of revenge. Raised on the battlefield, he does the worst things to get the right to fight Askeladd in a duel. But was the nature of a true warrior all blood?


With a presence on both streaming platforms, you have no excuse to miss out on Vinland Saga, an anime adapted from the exceptional manga by Makoto Yukimura. Inspired by various events of the Viking Age, this anime season 1 repeats the first part of the manga, which can be called an introduction, basically following the young Thorfinn when the Vikings attacked England with the goal of finally conquering the country.

And if you are tired of a certain series that constantly ended in a battle in Kattegat and where “Ragnar” and “son of Ragnar” were pronounced twenty-five times per episode (you know perfectly well which series we are talking about), then the Vinland Saga will certainly shed new blood on the history of these warriors from the North.

In addition to the Viking series, Vinland Saga is a series about human nature and its use of violence. Is violence natural or chosen? Warrior, king, monk, explorer… Thorfinn’s journey is punctuated by encounters that will return moral choices to the core of the story.

The Viking series is obligatory, violence is obviously a part of this many episodes (at least in anticipation of a sequel, but we won’t say more), but its use is always discussed by well-developed characters who all have something to tell. Rule number 1: When an anime combines visual quality with script quality, you won’t miss it out of fear of God.

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