On Netflix and Prime Video, 2 great but too little-known series to discover tonight –

The movies and series in the catalog of streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video have become essential for many, even more perhaps when a curfew is in effect for some.

To support you in this very special period, recommends every day the nuggets seen and appreciated on SVoD platforms. Today, Captive and The Fabulous Mrs. Maisel have received our favors and here’s why.

What great series to watch on Prime Video and Netflix tonight?

A well-run drama: Captive  Locke & Key (2020) on IMDb 8/ 10

In summary

1843 in Canada, Grace Marks, an Irish maid immigrated to maple country, is accused of the sordid murder of her two employers. Sentenced to life imprisonment, her existence seems to be compromised and the young woman is wasting away in her cell. But she also has support.

Simon Jordan, a young psychiatrist, is tasked with assessing her mental state to determine if she deserves a pardon. Is she guilty? Innocent? Sane? Crazy to bind? The therapist will try to pierce Grace to date and he is not at the end of his surprises.

Editorial opinion

To be honest, we had completely missed out on this great series when it was released. It was necessary to explore the depths of the Netflix catalog to stumble upon it, by chance, and decide to embark on its viewing. Great good for us.

Captive, the adaptation of a novel by Margaret Atwood, is a thriller captivating psychological experience and a successful dive into a sordid news item from the mid-19th century. The show shines because it instills doubt and succeeds in maintaining it. Is Grace a sociopath guilty of murdering her employers? Or is she the hapless innocent victim of a vast miscarriage of justice?

This is what Simon Jordan is also trying to find out. But if he is full of good will, he does not know who he is attacking. Grace is incredibly intelligent and he could pay the price. Their conversations, punctuated by flashbacks, are at the center of the story and manage to keep you going, tirelessly. The scenario is well put together, but you have to be very careful to understand all the subtleties.

It’s disturbing, haunting and often strange. Captive takes a malicious pleasure in making doubt his spectator, to put his convictions on the crime in doubt. Grace pulls the thread of her past, tells her story, and maintains the mystery, without giving all the keys to the case. His character is much more complex than it seems.

And for the series to seduce, it had to be camped by an actress at the height. Good news, Sarah Gadon ensures and delivers an excellent performance, like the rest of the cast elsewhere. Moral of this (dark) story? Captive is an excellent series, to watch without hesitation on Netflix.

  • Here is a taste of this very good series on Netflix:

Awesome Comedy-Drama: The Fabulous Mrs. Maisel  Locke & Key (2020) on IMDb 8.7/ 10

In summary

On paper, Myriam “Midge” Maisel seems to have everything to be happy: a beautiful apartment in New York, a loving husband and two beautiful children. Unfortunately, the reality is a little different, and Midge suddenly realizes this when she learns that her husband is having an affair and has decided to leave her.

The young woman then finds comfort in comedy and tries her hand at stand-up, an area where she has a certain talent. With the nose and the beard of her family, the young woman will then try to take off her burlesque career.

Editorial opinion

A remarkable series in many ways. The fabulous Mrs. Maisel is undoubtedly one of our best discoveries on Amazon’s SVoD platform. It’s funny, unexpected, and a real breath of fresh air with each new episode. The dive into the New York bourgeoisie of the 1950s is successful and even gives the series a false air of Mad Men.

The show has cachet and you realize it very quickly. The sets and costumes are splendid and the mastered production highlights the well-crafted script. In the title role, Rachel Brosnahan bursts the screen and subtly combines humor and emotion. The young woman is perfect to embody a heroine more complex than she seems.

The fabulous Mrs. Maisel is not just outright comedy. She also takes a feminist look at her time and her very stereotypical society. The critique of mid-twentieth-century Puritanism is effective, like the caricature of the Jewish community whose rituals are very present. It’s very thin and still very pleasant to watch. Verdict: we obviously recommend this excellent series.

  • Watch the Season 1 Trailer on Prime Video:

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