On Netflix and Prime Video, which movies and series to watch tonight?

Friday night, after enjoying the warm weather and reopening the terraces, you might want to watch a quality movie or series. On Netflix and Prime Video maybe?

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If so, we’ve got you covered. Between the essential Stop me if you can and the surprising Hunters, hope you find the right fit for you.

What great movies and series to watch tonight on Netflix and Prime Video?

A very good series: Hunters (Prime Video)

The series in summary

In Hunters, you follow in the footsteps of a band of Nazi hunters at the dawn of the 1980s in the United States. The “Hunters“, since it is their nickname, know that hundreds of high dignitaries of the fallen regime live incognitos among them and plot to establish a Fourth Reich. What to do then? Track them relentlessly for revenge, eradicate the threat and rid the Uncle Sam has the residue of Nazism that plagues him.

‘s opinion

At the time of its release, Hunters frankly was not unanimous. Critics and spectators were fairly divided: Some loved it, others downright hated. From our side, the series made a good impression, even if it is true that the alternation between caricature and seriousness is sometimes confusing.

The show has his own way of mixing History (harsh, moving) and cartoon (quirky, grotesque). This sometimes leaves a slight impression of unease, especially the sequences “flashbacks “ fictitious Holocaust. Certainly, this may be the desired effect, but all the same. It’s hard to blame the skeptics on this point.

Do we get on well anyway: Hunters is not always taken in the first degree. We understand it very quickly and this is where part of its charm lies. The quest for revenge is well staged, the “hunters” form a colorful and quite endearing team. They have almost nothing in common, except faith, a common hatred of the last Nazis and the fierce desire to annihilate this threat.

Despite some inaugural slowness, their bloody adventures are having an effect. The series often defies logic, the ubiquitous reversals multiply and it has the merit of often surprising. Too much for some, who rightly point to certain scriptwriting flaws.

Whatever, that’s not what we remember fromHunters. It’s a gripping series, good entertainment where the actors (including Al Pacino) hold their rank. When taking stock, the show comes out with honors and that is the main thing. Roll on season 2.

  • Here’s the trailer for the first season:

A Great Movie: Catch Me If You Can (Netflix)

The film in summary

Franck Abagnale Jr. is an elite con artist, the type one meets only once in a lifetime. Having become a master in the art of falsifying documents, he has managed to embezzle millions of dollars by multiplying the juicy schemes.

A chameleon with a thousand faces, Franck assumes multiple identities to escape the FBI who is pursuing him. But Carl Hanratty, a seasoned and intractable agent, takes it into his head to corner him at all costs. Then begins a real game of cat and mouse between the two men.

‘s opinion

Steven Spielberg is part of the inner circle of directors capable of stringing excellent films like pearls. Stop me if you can is no exception to the rule, on the contrary, it is even one of the most successful in our eyes (even if there are a slew of others of the same ilk).

Here, he therefore chooses to transpose the abracadabrantesque true story of Franck Abagnale Jr to the screen. The memories of this high-flying crook are obviously not easy and the film is nothing more or less than a tale of his mad run to escape the FBI. The scenario is classic (but effective), the story well done and Spielberg makes sure that his viewer does not get bored for a single second in front of his screen.

The feature film is punctuated, it has its share of suspense and other well-felt twists. The light tone and well-placed humor with which it is filled are also its charm and Stop me if you can manages to never go overboard too much. Add to that an excellent cast worn by Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks and Christopher Walken and you have got a very solid shot in Hollywood cinema of the last twenty years.

  • Here’s a video preview of the feature film:

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