On Netflix and Salto: 3 amazing shows to watch this Wednesday –

Today, the editors of invite you to visit the disturbing boat, the supercharged summer camp and the birthplace of Superman in three episodes for streaming on Netflix and Salto.

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Discover now: 1899 Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp and Superman and Lois.

What series to watch or watch again on Netflix and Salto tonight?

Mystery Series: 1899 (Netflix)


Passengers on a ship bound for New York see their journey take a dramatic turn when a drifting ship is discovered on their way.


Created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar while making Netflix’s Darkness, 1899 is a series full of mysteries and a real puzzle for the viewer to solve. Its basic concept is exciting, with this story of a ship that disappeared at sea resurfacing to interrupt the journey of passengers from all over the world, but mayonnaise is hard to accept.

In the eight episodes that make up the show’s first season, the plot multiplies the twists but fails to create truly adorable characters. If the actors are far from bad, and the initial pitch is very interesting, the series gets bogged down in secondary plots, which slows down the narrative and does not allow everything to really gain emotions. We still recommend 1899 to those who like to unravel stories made up of plot threads, especially since the series is visually very pretty.

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Crazy Series: Hot American Summer: First Day at Camp (Netflix)


A prequel to Hot American Summer released in 2001 and relatively unknown in France, this series by David Wayne and Michael Showalter tells the story of the beginnings of Camp Firewood, which opened its doors in the summer of 1981.


With its high school humor and penchant for exaggeration, Hot American Summer: First Day at Camp is a comedy that will appeal to those who enjoy shows that aren’t particularly sophisticated. We find the film’s actors such as Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper and Paul Rudd returning to their teenage roles, but with ridiculous wigs and, above all, a lot of self-mockery. It’s hard not to laugh at so many completely self-imposed absurdities.

With its very heavy dialogue, its improbable situations, and the honorific that the series always pushes to do more, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp is a happy mess that lifts your spirits. This type of comedy, which pushes the parody sliders to the max, isn’t to everyone’s taste, but it will appeal to connoisseurs of the original film and curious lovers of original humor.

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The Amazing Series: Superman & Lois (Flip)


After a few years in Metropolis, Clark Kent and Lois Lane decide to move to the small town of Smallville to lead a less hectic professional life and focus on their sons, Jonathan and Jordan. But Superman’s life is never easy for him or his family.


You would think that the Superman story has been reviewed enough times in film and television to not make it an interesting series topic. However, Superman & Lois proves otherwise by putting Clark Kent and Lois Lane as they become parents and go out of their way to juggle family life and superhero life. Darker than Smallville and more serious than Lois and Clark, this series has Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf) taking on the role of Superman he already played in Supergirl and doing so with great efficiency.

The great strength of Superman and Lois is that the story centers around the family life of the two main characters. Jordan and Jonathan add a new dimension to the story of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, and their interpreters are quite sweet. All in all, the series offers an innovative take on one of the most famous superheroes on the small and big screen and delivers gripping intrigue adorned with compelling visuals.

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