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What better time than the weekend to take the time to sit in front of a good TV series? For our part, this is where we really give free rein to our desire for series. On Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Canal +, we also came across some nuggets this week.

Deadly Class, Good omens or GLOW … programs that do not always look good, but do not lack arguments to convince you.

What are our top series of the weekend?

Crazy drama: Deadly Class  Locke & Key (2020) on IMDb 7.7 /10

A series hidden at the bottom of the Canal + catalog. Without sound pitch catchy enough, we probably would never have attacked its viewing. Marcus is a teenager on the run. After setting his orphanage on fire, he wanders the streets of Los Angeles and survives as best he can. His salvation? A surprise admission to a rather special school. We do not learn traditional subjects, but the art of killing. So here is the young man surrounded by budding murderers in a high school who will not give him any gifts …

The big advantage of the series? Its originality. She thinks outside the box and that is where much of her interest lies. Underneath its drama, it is also a comical and often funny program. He manages, without too many problems, to hook his viewer and gives him a good time. It is for this reason that we gladly forgive the decorations a little cheap and the scenario not always up to par.

In short, Deadly Class isn’t the series of the century, but it’s good entertainment. If you have the chance, do not hesitate to start this good unpretentious series.

  • Here’s the trailer for the show’s one and only season:

A reference on Prime Video: Good Omens  Locke & Key (2020) on IMDb 7.7 /10

After seeing Good omens When it was released, we decided to watch a few episodes of this compelling series again. Remember his synopsis: The Antichrist is among us. It is a child who, on his eleventh birthday, and without knowing his true identity, will trigger Armageddon. To prevent it, Crowley, a demon with remorse, and Aziraphale, an anguished angel, join forces and launch out in search of him, but the timing is tight. To make matters worse, their respective hierarchies are rather partisan of the end of the world …

Good omens is a success, and it was not won: adapted from the book Good Omens, the result of the association of the atypical and creative minds of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, and dealing with a subject (the Apocalypse) already seen and seen again on television, the series could quickly have fallen into the cliché cliché. This is not the case: with its six episodes of around fifty minutes, Good omens, light and worked fiction, stands out, at all levels, by its richness and its colorful side.

A real dive into the collective imagination via the fantastic, the series is very aesthetic and cultivates a perpetual quirky side. Thanks to its well-conducted plot, it manages to surprise, to make people laugh and to seduce easily. It is unlike any other fictional production, it is a perfect tribute to Terry Pratchett, who died five years ago.

  • look at the trailer of this good program:

A surprise on Netflix: GLOW  Locke & Key (2020) on IMDb 7.7 /10

Same thing for GLOW. The desire took us to plunge back into the series, and it was not a waste of time. In this series, Ruth Wilder is ready to do anything to make a name for herself in Hollywood. Audition for televised women’s wrestling? Not even afraid. The failed actress is in search of notoriety and sees this as her last opportunity to break into the ruthless world of show business. At first failing, she insists, pushes, persists and ends up integrating the show, well helped by a friend. Accompanied by twelve other aspiring wrestlers, she will get caught up in the game and discover the workings of this very special entertainment.

It’s tasty and friendly from start to finish. The atmosphere of the 1980s Hollywood seems fairly faithfully transcribed and the comic dive into the world of women’s wrestling well done. We laugh a lot about the adventures and misadventures of Ruth Wilder, played by the excellent Alison Brie. Despite some predictable outcomes, the scenario is rather well put together and holds enough in suspense to make you want to see the rest.

In wrestling, staging is essential. In a series that films wrestling, she is just as much. The director of GLOW understood this well and rose to the challenge brilliantly. The plans are often very successful, like the sets and the costumes which add charm to the show. To have a good time, without taking the lead, we advise you GLOW eyes closed.

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