On Prime Video and Netflix, 2 good movies and series to watch or watch again tonight –

You will probably not have missed it: there are beautiful people playing on Netflix and Prime Video. Films and series are legion in the catalog, so much so that it is sometimes difficult to decide.

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To help you find the program you need, we publish selections of premium content to view on SVoD’s services every day. Today let’s talk about I Care a Lot and Preacher.

What movies and series to watch on Netflix and Prime Video tonight?

A Good Dark Comedy: I ​​care A Lot (Netflix)


Marla Grayson is a caregiver who mainly cares for the elderly. Well, she tries to rip them off instead. Thanks to a well-oiled way of operating, Marla sends still perfectly sane seniors to the hospice. She then gets hold of their money and collects pretty jackpots. But now, his next victim may be the one too many.

What we think of the film

I Care A Lot marks Rosamund Pike’s comeback as a hateful and interesting anti-heroine. Here it is not about a woman who wishes to trap her husband as Amy Dunne in Gone Girl by David Fincher. Rather, we are dealing with a “businesswoman“formidable who does not hesitate to attack the most vulnerable.

Rosamund Pike plays Marla Grayson with impeccable charisma and her relationship with Fran (Eiza Gonzalez) is as touching as it is refreshing. Facing them, Peter Dinklage as the other big bad and Dianne West as a senior not so naive as she looks, are just as convincing. I Care a Lot is a black comedy that does not hesitate to point the finger at the failings of the American health system.

Don’t expect to find the characters likable, the film prefers to give pride of place to terrible personalities. It’s a shame that the third act gets lost a bit in uninspired twists. However, this does not prevent I Care a Lot to be a very entertaining film that we recommend anyway.

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A very good series: Preacher (Prime Video)


Jesse Custer no longer believes in God. A shame for a “man of the Church”, even if he is far from being a conventional priest and his past is more than murky. However, an event will quickly put him back on Earth. Its creator exists and he has disappeared. With his former companion and a vampire, Custer decides to go in search of God. Obviously, the road will be strewn with pitfalls and everything will not go as planned.

What we think of the series

As The Boys, Preacher is signed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen. And if you liked the adventures of the (anti) superheroes of Vought International, then giving this series a chance would be a good idea. In this new adaptation of the comic book by Garth Ennis (the daddy of The Boys), we find most of the ingredients that made the success of show superheroic: trashy irreverence, violence and thinly veiled criticism of American society, to name a few.

On his journey across the United States, Custer (masterful Dominic Cooper) will come across the worst of humanity – and even Hitler – and no bad strain will be spared. With irony, the writers raise the carpet of the unspoken and show a lot of daring, as much in the subject as in the staging. In short: it’s quite enjoyable, despite a few drops in speed.

The show is very often in excess and overbidding, it is in its DNA. Lovers of “oddities” will undoubtedly find their account there. Preacher can also count on a shock cast. To accompany Cooper, we find Ruth Negga (Ad Astra) in Tulip, Custer’s ex, and Joseph Gilgun (Misfits) as a vampire Cassidy. A trio therefore composed of a priest having the power to make anyone obey his will, a robber and a vampire … Suffice to say that it makes sparks.

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