One day. The Last of Us is a risky bet for HBO

A good doomsday dose to start the year off right. The Hollywood Reporter, the California entertainment industry reference magazine, promises to reveal all about “HBO’s zombie apocalypse project” in one of its January 5 issues. And wonders if The Last of Us series can “reinvent the genre and become the next hit on our TV screens.”

The first season of this adaptation of the very popular video game of the same name will be streaming from January 15 in the United States, where it is highly anticipated – no specific date has been set for France at this time. And for a weekly, the stakes are high: given the fierce competition in the TV world, this is “a series that, in some sense, should be wrong about nothing – hardly the biggest Hollywood disappointment in the video game industry.” ever known.”

Because the history of the adaptation of video game works in films or TV shows is full of commercial and critical failures, reminds The Hollywood Reporter. Still, the quality of the story is Joel and Ellie trying to survive in what’s left of a United States devastated by a mushroom invasion.

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